Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions… and Answers!

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Isn't the Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system very expensive?

Not if you consider the following:

  1. Le Verre de Vin’s unique technology preserves wine and champagne for 21 days. Being able to offer customers a wide range of premium wines by the glass translates into increased sales, while at the same time reducing spoilage! Have a look at our “Increase Your Wine Sales” section for detailed information.
  2. It is a 10th of the price of our competitors’ products (e.g. Enomatic machine)
  3. It is simple to operate with no maintenance component for 4 years
  4. The system is designed to be robust and efficient

How does it work?

Please view our “How does it work?” section for a detailed explanation.

How many bottles of wine can you preserve with one Le Verre de Vin preservation machine?

Le Verre De Vin preserves an unlimited amount of wines and champagnes.

Does the preservation process alter the chemical composition, flavour or boutique of the wine or champagne?

Not at all.

For a detailed explanation regarding the technology behind our unique system, visit our “How does it work?” section.

How does it dispense the wine?

  1. It is NOT a wine dispenser
  2. Each open bottle is preserved individually
  3. The wine is served fresh from the opened bottle

How often does the machine require servicing?

If user guidelines are properly followed there should be no servicing required for 3 to 4 years.

Are there any additional operational costs?

  1. Any additional stoppers that are required over and above the 20 wine stoppers and 3 champagne stoppers that are supplied with the purchase of a system.
  2. The monthly rental cost for gas.

What gas is used, where do we get it, how long does it last?

What gas is used: Catering CO2 (SUREMIX 100), which is the same gas used for draught beer

Where do we get it: Afrox or any preferred supplier

How long does it last: Approximately 7 months

How many times can the stoppers be used?

The stoppers can be used repeatedly, and have an average life span of 4 to 5 years

Do you offer any after sales service?

  1. Our Le Verre de Vin preservation systems come with a 12 month warranty
  2. Imvusa Technologies (distributors of The Bermar Collection in Southern Africa) take full responsibility for any after sales service, with technical support in all the major centres