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The new Portable Tower Le Verre de Vin is without doubt the world’s most flexible, commercial-grade still wine and Champagne preservation system – designed with input from globally renowned wine makers.

This new model is compact, easy to transport and doesn’t require any permanent installation – just place it on a stable surface and plug in. It is mounted on a solid block of Iroko timber and incorporates an integral chamber to house the pre-set CO2 regulator (supplied with all ‘dual’ and Champagne systems), as well as a 425g CO2 cylinder.

The Portable Tower’s flexible nature makes it the Le Verre de Vin system of choice in an unlimited range of applications. It’s the ideal equipment for permanent and temporary use in virtually every F&B outlet – use the Portable Tower wherever and whenever you need it.

It comes in three preservation options:

    1. Still wine only preservation
    2. Champagne only preservation only preservation
    3. Still wine and Champagne preservation
No permanent installation required and easy & compact to transport & set up – just ‘plug in and play’
Proven Le Verre de Vin still wine & Champagne preservation technology
Fully enclosed precision engineered unit, delivering proven reliability
Includes an integral chamber for a preset bespoke CO2 regulator & 425g CO2 cylinder
Preserves an unlimited number of opened bottles for up to 21 days
Ideal 21st century service – poured in front of the customer, direct from bottle to glass (‘Perfect Serve’)
Automatic cut off to ensure optimum preservation each & every time
Fitted with contemporary multi light resealing nozzles – choose from 7 different colours
Interactive reseal process: the nozzles turn amber, before changing to green when the bottle is re-sealed
Minimal space requirement
Eco-friendly & low running costs
Simple and quick for staff to use
Here are a few ways in which the Portable Tower Le Verre de Vin can benefit your business:

Short term wine and Champagne by the glass promotions – place the system into your customer’s outlets for a limited period of time to introduce new brands.

Offer Customer trials – with no installation or remedial work to the bar required, your customers will have a chance to try before they buy and experiment at the same time with their wine by the glass range.

Customer demonstrations – display it in your showroom or take it along to appointments with your customers to demonstrate how effectively and simply the technology works.

Trade shows & exhibitions – showcase the Portable Tower to your potential customers or use it to perfectly preserve a wide range of wines & Champagnes at Trade Shows.

Wine outlets – use the Portable Tower to offer your customers tasters of perfectly preserved wine.

Temporary exchange during servicing – swap a Le Verre de Vin system or Pod Bar which is due for service with the new Portable Tower.

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Portable Tower Installation