Le Verre de Vin Dual Tower

Le Verre de Vin Tower

The Tower range offers the widest possible application of Le Verre de Vin wine preservation technology.

The Tower can be configured to fit virtually any bar operation to create a bespoke wine service station:

  • Stand alone,
  • wall mounted
  • or fixed to existing or new refrigeration
Proven Le Verre de Vin preservation technology
Simple and quick for staff to use
Up to 21 days preservation
Ideal 21st century service – direct from bottle to glass, poured in front of the customer
Unlimited fixing options
Stylish and compact counter top unit
Automatic cut off to ensure optimum preservation each and every time
Interactive reseal process with illuminated nozzles
Low maintenance & running costs
Easy to fit retrospectively

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Le Verre de Vin Tower Installation