Pod Bar

Quad Pod Bar Dual System

Pod Bar™

Digitally controlled refrigeration unit

The attractive Pod Bar display fridge provides display and temperature control while incorporating the world renowned Le Verre de Vin preservation technology.

It can fit into almost any bar – existing or new due to it’s innovative, modular design. It is also flexible enough to allow extra modules to be added later!

The range is available in the following standard configurations:

  • the Single Pod Bar,
  • the Twin-Pod Bar (also available in vertical configuration, Verti-Pod Bar),
  • the Tri-Pod Bar
  • and the Quad-Pod Bar.
Digitally controlled temperature chamber for white or red wines
The only wine by the glass cabinet offering champagne preservation
Capacity of 16 bottles
Easy to fit retrospectively
Flexible system allows for additional modules to be added
Compressor refrigeration technology
Multi-colour LED lighting with 7 colour settings
Full width double glazed door
Left or right hinged doors
Lockable doors
Selection of internal shelving

Bar top, table top or shelf mounting.

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