Standard Champagne Box

Wine & Champagne Stoppers

Our range of wine & champagne stoppers are supplied exclusively by Bermar International and are the only stoppers suitable for use with Le Verre de Vin technology solutions.

We offer a variety of different stoppers to cater for every bottle type which may feature on your wine list.

Still Wine Stopper

Still Wine Stoppers

These wine stoppers are necessary for all Le Verre de Vin preservation systems. The non-return valve allows a vacuum to be drawn and held until the stopper is squeezed to allow air back into the bottle. It is easy to fit and to remove. They are hardy and will last for up to three months of daily use.

Champagne Stopper Premium

Premium Champagne Stoppers

These champagne stoppers are only for Dual systems that are able to preserve Sparkling wine and Champagne. The built-in safety clip ensures that the stopper stays in place whilst in storage. It easy to fit and remove but care must be taken when removing the stopper as it is under pressure. They are hardy and will last up to six months of regular use.

Stoppers on Bottles