Le Verre de Vin Compact

Le Verre de Vin Compact

Le Verre de Vin Compact – Dual System

Under Bar or Counter Top

The Compact offers numerous siting options for operators who are looking to incorporate proven wine preservation technology within a new or existing bar area.

Units are supplied with the all the necessary fixings for an under-counter installation. Surface mounting is also possible.

Illuminated nozzles guide you through the preservation process.

It preserves an unlimited number of bottles of still & sparkling wine, as well as champagne.

Simple and quick to use (2 to 5 seconds).

Proven preservation technology
Simple and quick for staff to use
Up to 21 days preservation
Ideal 21st century service – direct from bottle to glass, poured in front of the customer
Automatic cut off to ensure optimum preservation each & every time
Interactive reseal process with illuminated red, green & amber indicators
Fully enclosed precision engineered unit delivering proven reliability
Discrete installation options
Low maintenance & running costs
Easy to fit retrospectively

Under Counter

The mounting place can be secured to the underside of any wooden Bar top/shelving unite. There must be at least 400mm of free space from the underside of the system to allow bottles to be presented for resealing.

Counter Top

Where an under counter installation is not possible, the surface mounting plate enables the compact system to be installed on any wooden (or material that can be drilled and screwed into) counter top.

We have 2 options for you to enjoy the benefits of the Le Verre De Vin Wine and Champagne Preservation system:

Purchase Option

Outright Purchase

A 50% deposit is required on confirmation of order and the balance is due on installation.

Rental Option

36 Month Rental Option

A monthly rental for a period of three years. This will include services to the machine.

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