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Le Verre de Vin Information

Le Verre De Vin – The Facts

Le Verre de Vin (The Glass of Wine) is a unique and award winning wine preservation system.

The machine quickly and easily removes oxygen from open bottles of wine to a precisely controlled level effectively preserving the subtle structure of the best wines for up to 21 days.

In the case of sparkling wine or champagne, a buffer of carbon dioxide gas is inserted into the head space above the liquid preventing any loss of the natural sparkle in the wine. This simple technique ensures pristine preservation for 21 days.

Hotels, restaurants and bars can now offer a comprehensive list of premium wines and champagne by the glass to meet the needs of their guests, without risk of waste or disappointment and effectively increasing profitability.

Why Le Verre de Vin?

Reseal unlimited bottles

Reseal unlimited bottles

It is the only commercial-grade wine preservation system that is able to re-seal an unlimited number of opened bottles of still, sparkling wine and champagne in just 3 seconds.

Controlled Environment

Controlled environment

It is the only preservation system that creates a precisely controlled preservation environment irrespective of how much wine remains in the bottle.

Fresh for up to 21 Days

Fresh for up to 21 days

Ensures that every bottle will remain fresh (and sparkling), in prime drinking condition, for up to 21 days.

Eliminates Wastage

Eliminates wastage

Eliminates wastage and removes the risk of ever selling a glass of wine past it’s best.

Complete Flexibility

Complete flexibility

It allows the operator the flexibility of offering wine by the glass service by pouring each and every glass of wine directly in front of the customer.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Compact, reliable, easy to use and operates automatically within a matter of seconds.