Have you heard about the Revolution?  Are you part of the revolution?  It IS taking place right NOW!! The Revolution where your customers are demanding quality wine by the glass – the Wine by the Glass Revolution!  So, are you ready to join the Revolution?

Customers are looking for a more sublime dining out experience.  They want to be able to experience quality and variety as a part of this experience, more and more, they are expecting to be able to order any great quality wine by the glass to complement their delicious meals. This phenomenon is well-entrenched in Europe and there is a quiet revolution happening right now, here in South Africa!

Le Verre de VinImagine a world where you can keep up with this international trend and join this Wine by the Glass revolution – where you could offer ALL your quality wines by the glass and increase profits – we’re talking about a minimum increase in 25% in value and 10% in volume!  It is time to find out how to do this NOW!!

And the way to do it is to use a Le Verre de Vin (Wine by the Glass) wine preservation system.  Le Verre de Vin will preserve any opened wine and champagne with a just-opened, fresh taste, keeping it in prime drinking condition for up to 21 days. The system is simple to use, easy to install, has a number of options to suit your needs and it preserves an unlimited number of still and sparkling wines, including champagne. This WILL increase your bottom line in a very positive manner. It’s a great way to sell slow moving stock and eliminate wastage. Le Verre de Vin allows you to expand your value to customers by  offer experiences like food and wine pairing or wine tasting events and to become a favoured destination for wine lovers – all the while knowing that your returns are greatly increased (contact us and we’ll explain all the ins and outs of just how profitable it is to install a le Vere de Vin system).  With all this on offer, how can you not be a part of the Revolution?

We will be at HOSTEX in Cape Town from 21 – 23 May showcasing our Le Verre de Vin products and demonstrating just how you can be a part of this Revolution – visit Stand No 23 and join our wine-by-the glass Revolution! If you can’t wait for the show, contact us on (021) 7889788 or info@bermarcollection.co.za and we can discuss your requirements specific to your venue.