Hidden in the Crocodile River Valley in the lush Francolin Conservancy, within easy driving distance of both Johannesburg and Pretoria, lies The Orient Boutique Hotel.  Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient has one of the finest cellars in the country with some of the best and rarest wines from both South Africa and the world.

And at Restaurant Mosaic, there is a wonderful story to share embodies the heart of South Africa and what South Africans can do when they are presented with an opportunity….create beautiful transformations and experiences. 

Meet Moses Magwaza.  Moses is the Sommelier at Restaurant Mosaic. Moses started off doing maintenance and gardening jobs for the owner of Mosaic while Restaurant Mosaic was being built.   Restaurant Mosaic opened 13 years ago and Moses started off as a waiter and then soon moved on to become the Sommelier for the restaurant.

We asked him why he chose to work with wine and he said that as guy who comes from the township where they drink only beer and whiskey, here he was exposed to something that he had never experienced before, and… he saw a big opportunity, so he took it!  Just 12 years later … at a glittering ceremony last month at Merchant Taylors’ Hall in London, The World’s Best Wine List Awards 2019 named South Africa’s Restaurant Mosaic as having the best wine list – As the Sommelier at Restaurant Mosaic, Moses stepped up to receive the award. How incredible is that?

Moses’ response to winning this award was,” For me it’s a greatest honour and I think it is every Sommelier’s dream to win such an award. Just to be nominated amongst the best wine lists in the world it is like a dream, to be the winner it is a dream come true. I’m more than excited!”

 Moses believes that what sets them above the rest is passion, determination, working hard and most of all loving and enjoying what they do. And they are always in search of exciting wines around the globe.

How do they select their wines? …For international wines, during their annual winter break the team will travel to overseas and visit different wine farms from noble wine makers to the prestigious ones and will taste their wines.  They then compare notes  and they will decide if they buy the wines or not. At the end it’s all about research and taste and they try to source what is the best for people to enjoy.

On discussing wine trends, Moses has noticed that there are more wine drinkers than 10 years ago and that the quality of wines is becoming more and more exceptional. There is also a trend that people want to eat more healthily and there are more allergies than you can believe, but the wine makers are willing to accommodate everyone. Moses ended off our discussion on trends by saying, “Lastly, I’m really happy now that you can go to a supermarket in the township to buy a good bottle of wine.”  

Restaurant Mosaic has a “small” per glass wine list that consists of 236 different bottles of international wines and more than 300 bottles of South African wines!! To support this world-class wine by the glass service, they have a world-class Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system in place.  Moses feels that having a Le Verre de Vin system in place is vital to the success of this offering. Moses says that, “People know that we have such an extensive wine list and we have so much to offer. The biggest problem to many restaurants is wastage, you don’t want that, it is not good for the business. Le Verre de Vin, it is really a total life saver, it works perfectly. I can keep my open wines for a number of days with no spoilage of the wines. I love it.”

Congratulations to Restaurant Mosaic, and particularly to Moses, we are truly proud to be such a successful a part of this phenomenal wine offering.

If you would like to know more about Le Verre de Vin and how you can really reap the benefit of offering a range of wine by the glass too, then please contact us on 021 788 9788 or email us at info@bermarcollection.co.za and we will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.