HOSTEX 2015 – Africa’s leading hospitality and food service expo takes place at the Sandton Convention Centre, from the 15th to the 18th March – yes that’s next week!!.  And yes, we WILL be there – to showcase our cutting edge technology – Le Verre de Vin – the global wine and champagne preservation systems of choice! Hostex 2015

We will be situated  in Hall 2 stand number E1,  so come and see why it is that so many leading restaurants and hotels ensure that they have THIS wine preservation system in place – how they are able to preserve their wines for 21 days after opening them  – affording them the opportunity to offer their full range of wines  and champagnes by the glass – and therefore keeping them abreast of international wine and champagne drinking trends, where people want to be able to drink really good quality wines and champagnes without having to buy a whole bottle!!  AND they know that their wine is as fresh as the day it was opened!!

We will have live demos showcasing how our variety of wine preservation systems can accommodate any of your space and mobility requirements.  Come and see:

Portable Tower BC06PPortable Tower : It’s compact easy to transport and extremely simple to setup – just place on the bar, plug into the nearest socket, turn on a couple of switches and it’s ready for use . Also perfect for ‘retro-fit’ installations where it’s not possible to site a ‘fixed’ system. An ideal solution if you would like to trial a ‘by the glass service’, with no installation or remedial work required. The perfect answer to short term wine (read mobile) and Champagne ‘by the glass’ promotions. Use it for Trade shows & exhibitions –preserve your wines & Champagnes at Trade Shows – as a matter of fact if you are at HOSTEX showcasing any of your wines you NEED one of these wine preservation systems to keep your wine “just-been-opened-fresh” throughout the show!

Le Verre de Vin Classic: This wall mounted fully enclosed unit operates as a “dual” system, which preserves an Le Verre de Vin makes business senseunlimited number of opened bottles of still wines, sparkling wines and champagnes. Still wines are preserved in the same way as the single system, sparkling wines and champagnes are uniquely preserved by the introduction of a calibrated infusion of carbon dioxide.

Le Verre de Vin Compact: The fully enclosed precision engineered unit preserves an unlimited number of bottles of still & sparkling wine, as well as champagne. It is ideal for discreet installation options and can be fitted retrospectively and is simple and quick for staff to use.

Pod Bar Refrigeration Unit: The attractive Pod Bar display fridge provides display and temperature control while incorporating the world renowned Le Verre de Vin preservation Twin Pod Bar Counter Toptechnology. Designed for counter top mounting, these fridges showcase your wines beautifully and allow easy access to your ‘by the glass’ selection. It can fit into almost any bar – existing or new – due to its innovative, modular design. It is also flexible enough to allow extra modules to be added later! Versatility comes in lockable doors, left or right hinges, a selection of internal shelving, multicolour LED lighting with up to 7 colours- all this along with the knowledge that this is the only wine by the glass cabinet on the market offering champagne preservation!

Of course if you’d to find out more about this cutting edge technology before HOSTEX or even would like to have one of our units at HOSTEX yourself, then have a look at our product page, or contact us at on +27 (0)21 788 9788 or at and we’ll be happy to discuss the advantages of purchasing a Le Verre de Vin system for your establishment.

  •  Don’t forget to come and find us in Hall 2 stand number E1
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