You’re a leading edge entrepreneur in the food and wine industry and you’ve just bought the innovative Le Verre de Vin (The Glass of Wine).  So what exactly can you expect to get from your investment?Ease of Use

You can expect…

  • A 10% increase in the volume of your total wine sales and a 35% increase in value
  • That if you sell 5 extra glasses of wine for 26 days a month (at R35 a glass), less your COS at 40%, your net revenue from  additional sales will be R2 730 per month
  • That if you sell 1 glass of wine per day that would normally have been wasted, your additional revenue would be a further R910 per month
  • Based on the above, your ROI period, for a wine preservation system that costs R42 500, will be just under 1 year
  • To protect and preserve the bouquet, taste and flavour, and prevent bubble loss ( in the case of sparkling wine), for up to 21 days
  • To preserve and reseal an unlimited number of opened bottles of wine and champagne
  • To offer consumers the opportunity to try new wines by extended the range of wines on offer
  • To capitalise on the growing demand for a better quality of wines to be made available by the glass
  • To have a robust, commercial grade unit that is low on maintenance and running costs
  • A system that is simple to use – only 3 seconds to preserve an open bottle of wine
  • Consumers who will be happy to pay a premium for a better quality wine as the issue of freshness is no longer in question

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