You are adventurous, have a discerning palate and look to have a lot of variety in your life! It’s a Friday night and you are ready to go out and enjoy a sublime dining experience – something that allows you to explore a number of taste sensations without the need to limit yourself to others’ tastes. Time to choose where to go….

Will you choose the restaurant that offers one or two choices of wine by the glass that you will need to stick with no matter what you eat or will you go to the restaurant that:

  • Has joined the Wine By The Glass Revolution – ( pssstttt….read on to find out what this means)?
  • Gives you the option to have any great quality wine by the glass – allowing you to choose what you like, so that you don’t have to settle for a bottle of something that everyone else has to agree on
  • Pairs their wine to their food, allowing you a selection of quality wines by the glass with each dish – where you can explore the magic that happens when great wine is paired with great food
  • Encourages you to try a wine that you might not know about, knowing that if it doesn’t work for you, you have bought a glass and not a whole bottle on the other hand, this might even pique your interest for future drinking!
  • Gives you the option to splurge on an expensive glass of wine and not just be limited to house plonk Choice of Premium Wines
  • Believes that you are a part of shaping this Wine By The Glass Revolution and is tuned into what your palette covets so that you have an EXPERIENCE when eating at their restaurant
  • Selects their wines by the glass for the menu AND for the guests
  • Looks to offer you more,  intrigues and entertains  you
  • That has invested in you, the customer, by having a wine preservation system, like Le Verre de Vin – so that they CAN offer you their whole range of wines by the glass, knowing that any opened bottle of wine that they serve is preserved for 21 days after opening – as fresh as the day it was opened!

I know what my choice would be – and you?

If you have a favourite restaurant and would like them to join the Wine By The Glass Revolution, send their details to us at or call us on +27 (0)21 788 9788 and we will show them how easy and cost effective it is for them to Join the Revolution!