Balducci-LOW-RES-_012-cropped1On Saturday night, my partner and I had a wonderful evening out at Balducci at the V&A Waterfront.  Balducci has a lively ambience with an understated European elegance.  The food was really tasty and beautifully prepared and our waitress, Annie, was perfect (she reads the needs of her patrons very well).  We had a really enjoyable light-hearted evening out. Our main reason for choosing Balducci is that they have a Le Verre de Vin system (wine reservation system) and offer a large selection of their wine by the glass.

My partner ordered the ostrich lasagne (he said it was delicious) and I had a Pirelli Banting pizza – very tasty and a wonderful alternative to what is usually available those of us who are a banters and eating out!! By the way – Great to see more options being offered for us who view our health a little differently.

What else was great about Balducci? It is this international trend of being able to order virtually any wine by the glass that really suited us.  My partner wanted some white wine, and I wanted red.  Neither of us wanted to drink a whole bottle of wine each.  We were also both keen to try a wine that we hadn’t had before. So by being able to each choose what we wanted to try, neither of us had to compromise.  Also if we didn’t like the wine that we had chosen, we wouldn’t have been stuck with a whole bottle of wine that we didn’t like, but could choose something else if we wanted another glass!’

balducci_restaurant_22My partner chose the Brampton Unwooded Chardonnay.  He really enjoyed it and stuck with it throughout his meal.  I chose the Nederberg “The Motorcycle Marvel”, a very smooth, very palatable wine which suited me down to the ground. I even ended up with a second glass of wine, which I seldom do!

We discovered that this innovative restaurant employ the use of the latest wine preservation technology to insure that all their wines by the glass are served in optimum condition.  One of the systems they use is called Le Verre de Vin which is able not only to preserve an unlimited amount of opened bottles of still wine but also opened bottles of champagne.  This feature makes Le Verre De Vin unique and what a pleasure it is to order champagne by the glass in pristine condition.  We salute Balducci in their commitment to excellence and affording their guests a world class service of both food and wine!

All in all, a great evening was had at Balducci and we would highly recommend it! – Go and have your pick of wine by the glass or bubbly with your meal!

Le Verre de VinIf you’d like to know about this innovative wine preservation technology, then contact us today for more information to see how Le Verre de Vin’s affordable preservation technology gives your establishment the opportunity of positively impacting your bottom line in current economic hard times!  Call us on 021 788 9788 or email us at