For me The Forrester’s Arms in Newlands is a Cape Town institution.  The Forrester’s Arms, fondly known by all as Forries has been in business since 1852(!) and for me is one of those timeless establishments that just keeps on getting it right – creating the right kind of experience so that people just keep on and on coming back.  Forries remains an independent establishment and has been owned by the current owner since 1992.

And one of the things that I feel that Forries really gets right is that they offer their full range of wines by the glass – yes that’s right every single wine on their list by the glass – what a fantastic offering to their clients. Today, I went to meet the bubbly and enthusiastic Manuel De Abreu, the manager at Forries to talk about their wine by the glass journey.

About a year ago, Forries decided to revamp their wine list and while brain storming about what would be ideal to offer their customers, it was decided to offer all their wines by the glass.  Previously they had  only their house wines by the glass and little more.

Some of their reasoning for offering wine by the glass lay in the fact that their liquor licence is an “on premises” licence, which means that if someone were to order a bottle of wine and not finish it, they are then not allowed to carry it off the premises.  So it makes sense to rather offer wine by the glass, so that people can order just the amount of wine that they want to drink.

Their further reasoning was about letting their customers have a choice about what wine they want to drink by the glass and not just be restricted to the house wine.

And so to match their new journey into wine by the glass, they looked for a wine preservation system that would suit their offering and Le Verre de Vin was their preferred solution.  Manuel shared with me that this solution has been extremely successful for them.  Customers have responded enthusiastically to being able to choose their wine by the glass and they appreciate being able to order a decent glass of wine and KNOW that it is well preserved and still tastes the same as the day it was opened.

Manuel also mentioned that they have also found that there is very little wastage with Le Verre de Vin, because they are able to preserve all their bottles of wine and they are confident that the wine is being well preserved.

Another aspect that works very well for them is that while they pour their preserved wines at the bar, should a customer request it, the waiter can open the bottle at the table so that the customer can see that s/he is getting the wine that they ordered.

Manuel says that Le Verre de Vin is really quick and easy to use and the machine tells you when the preservation process is complete.  Forries also offer bubbly by the glass and this is extremely popular.  An added benefit of Le Verre de Vin is that they can preserve the remaining bubbly as soon as it is poured, thereby keeping the bubbles fresh as if it is newly opened.  Manuel enthused about how fantastically this system works for bubbly.

Manuel feels that the Le Verre de Vin system should work for everyone everyone – it affords them the means to offer ALL their wines and bubbly by the glass, knowing that it is well preserved and is also extremely easy to use, meaning that there is no need to extensive training.

Compact Dual Straight LightAnd Forries keep making sure they differentiate themselves.  Like with their wine offering, they continue to look to make your experience at Forries a really good one. The food that they offer is prepared fresh on site, including every sauce, cutting their own meat and fish. And more good news is that in their next review of their wine list, they will be looking to offer sulphur free wines – by the glass of course!!

So if you would like a great meal and just a glass of your favourite wine or two , then head on over to Forries, you will be assured of a great night out, hosted by the ever smiling Manuel.

If you would like to know more about Le Verre de Vin and how you can really reap the benefit of offering an extensive range of premium wine by the glass, then please contact us on 021 788 9788 or email us at and we will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.