Wine and champagne preservation is still embryonic in SA, so we were very excited to be at the 2015 Hostex Show at the Sandton Convention Centre. We had the ideal opportunity to  target the right people and demonstrate the benefits of using the Le Verre De Vin preservation system. Hostex 2015

As we watch the trends in the market place we see that the trend for serving premium wine and champagne by the glass is escalating significantly.  At this show, we noticed that more and more operators are following customer demand to serve quality wines by the glass. The only way to this cost effectively and ensure that the wine remains at premium condition, is the own the Le Verre de Vin. They are realising their need for a preservation solution and waste management system for their opened bottles of wine or champagne.  Fortunately we have a most impressive customer list, which endorses the fact that we offer a world class preservation system for wine and champagne. The interest shown at the Hostex show indicates that we are successfully expanding our presence in the market.

The addition of the Pod Bar in the past and now the innovative Portable Tower has stimulated real interest as it offers the customer a range of options of how to apply preservation technology.  I noticed that internationally the Portable Tower is becoming popular and I think we are going to see the same trend here.  Our Wine by the Glass Estimator chart shows just how simple and quick it is to redeem the cost of investment.  Our rental option is actually ridiculously affordable at R1650 per month and diffuses any argument that the cost is prohibitive. Restaurants can pay this rental amount out of their GP by simply selling three glasses of wine per day at R30.   Many visitors were “wowed” by the simplicity and yet efficiency of the equipment.  I always opened the preserved Bubbly with an exaggerated and resounding POP which invariably drew gasps and exclamations from the unsuspecting public.  Hostex 2015 standWhen I apologised to our neighbours for the ongoing mini explosions, they assured me that they loved the celebratory sound and it did not bother them at all.  They did however feel tempted to cheer or clap every time they heard the sound.

The success for us in being at Hostex was in being able to communicate with the correct people that Le Verre De Vin is the future for restaurants, hotels, wine bars, game lodges, wine estates, exclusive guest houses, upmarket liquor outlets and wine distributors in SA.

If you missed us at Hostex 2015 then have a look at our product page, or contact us at on +27 (0)21 788 9788 or at  and we’ll be happy to discuss the advantages of purchasing a Le Verre de Vin system for your establishment.