How many of you saw this April Fool’s article published online by Eat Out: Bubbly-on-tap

World’s first sparkling wine tap installed in Bree Street?

When they talk about  Boschendal MCC Brut NV pouring from a tap sprout in the Eat Out kitchen, and describe it as pale gold, with a flourish of delicate bubbles, the chardonnay-pinot noir blend presents hints of lemon cream and almond biscotti before a soft explosion of zesty lemon and orange peel – It’s enough to make you salivate and sneak off to check your own taps, just in case!!

When they described how it is stored and presented …. Says Boschendal marketing manager Ben-Johann du Toit, “We were so excited when Eat Out presented this challenge to us. We needed the MCC to flow from the tap, perfectly chilled and vibrantly sparkling, at any time of the day or night. We’re pleased that our team of viticultural engineers was able to create an elegant pouring device in conjunction with a robust storage unit.”…. I don’t think people realise just how close that is to being possible…. with the Le Verre de Vin wine preservation systems!! And to make it even better, you could have any wine you want, and not just be limited to what comes out of that tap!!

The Le Verre de Vin possibilities are endless – you don’t need to be limited to that one tap!! You could have a Le Verre de Vin TowerPortable Tower that could go be anywhere in the office!!  Or you could have the Le Verre de Vin Compact which could be under the counter, on that top shelf – all it needs is  a small space to mount it and the supply is endless! And then there is Le Verre de Vin Classic – This beauty is wall mounted, doesn’t need much space and takes seconds to operate! And don’t let’s forget the attractive Pod Bar display fridge – digitally controlled – it not only keeps the wine and champagne at the perfect temperature, it is also a preservation unit!

And so, with Le Verre de Vin, how do you get to have your wine on tap, so to speak? Le Verre de Vin (The Glass of Wine) is a unique and award winning wine preservation system. The machine quickly and easily removes oxygen from open bottles of wine to a precisely controlled level effectively preserving the subtle structure of the best wines for up to 21 days.

Twin Pod Bar Counter TopIn the case of sparkling wine or champagne, a buffer of carbon dioxide gas is inserted into the head space above the liquid preventing any loss of the natural sparkle in the wine. This simple technique ensures pristine preservation for 21 days. This means you can have any number of opened bottles to sample from at any time, knowing that the wine or champagne will still tantalize your palette as if it were the day it were first opened!!!

And that has GOT to be better than being limited to one kind of wine or champagne coming through a tap in your office!!

Of course if you’d  like to find out more about this cutting edge technology, then have a look at our product page, or contact us at on +27 (0)21 788 9788 or at  and we’ll be happy to discuss the advantages of purchasing a Le Verre de Vin system for your establishment.