Still WinesThere is no doubt that the international trend of offering wine and bubbly by the glass is firmly entrenched wherever wine is being served.  And without fail wine by the glass forms the highest selling unit item on the menu. The only real differentiator is in how many wines are on offer by the glass and what quality of wine is being served by the glass.

This opens up the question – how can an establishment increase the number of wines that they can offer by the glass that increases profits and ensures that there is no wastage?

The answer without a doubt is Le Verre de Vin –the only wine preservation system capable of effectively preserving an unlimited number of still, sparkling and fortified wines.

What are the benefits of this innovative technology:Sparkling Wines

  • Le Verre de Vin guarantees the freshness and quality of any bottle of wine AND bubbly for 21 days
  • There will be an increase of 20% to 400% from capitalising on significant trade-up opportunities
  • Le Verre de Vin automatically re-seals opened bottles in 2 -5 seconds
  • Still and fortified wines are preserved through the creation of a precisely controlled vacuum
  • Sparkling wines / champagnes are preserved through the introduction of a precisely controlled head pressure of CO2 within the bottle
  • Not only eliminates wastage – it also eliminates the risk of serving a ‘bad’ glass of wine to increasingly discerning customers

Want to see Le Verre de Vin in action? Have a look at the following 2 video clips to see how simple the process is, while using this incredibly innovative technology to preserve unlimited bottles of wine.



Le Verre de Vin Basics





Le Verre de Vin Hints and Tips



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