Are you finding that the demand is increasing in requests for bubbly / champagne by the glass?  And  in that, are you wondering how on earth you can extend your offering of champagne and not incur unnecessary additional wastage and without  creating a loss in your bubbly offering?  Are you looking for a solution that will actually allow you to extend your offering to a broad range of bubblies and increase profits at the same time!

I thought I’d share with 2 cases studies that were done recently with just those thoughts in mind – using the all new Le Verre de Vin Tower (Champagne preservation only!!)

Case Study 1:  This study compared two hotels to see whether a broader Champagne list would lead to a broader mix of sales and increased profitability:

Had a
Le Verre de Vin
Results of what
was sold
Comparing profitability
of 100 glasses
Comparing profitability
of 100 glasses
Hotel A

• 94% Brut NV
• 6% other styles of champagne

• 94 x Brut NV
• 6 x Rose and Vintage
Hotel B
• 74% Brut NV
• 26% other styles of champagne

• 74 x Brut NV
• 26 x Rose and Vintage

N.B. Other styles of champagne are premium brands and highly profitable

Conclusion: Hotel B, using the Le Verre de Vin Portable Tower, was 68% more profitable, as they were able to offer a much wider range of premium champagnes, knowing that the champagne would be perfectly preserved each time it was opened (and for 21 days afterwards) with Le Verre De Vin wine preservation technology.  This affords a marked increase in profits.

Case Study 2:  This study was done to understand the financial impact of using Le Verre de Vin on overall Champagne sales.  If you are confident that you can open more than one bottle and serve them all week, would the sales increase accordingly? This case study was done with 2 bars offering Brut and Rose:

Glasses sold per year
pre Le Verre de Vin Tower
Glasses sold per year
post Le Verre de Vin Tower
Bar A
Bar B

Conclusion: There was a combined increase of 290% in sales (or 3.4 volume) with the installation of Le Verre de Vin Tower – a unique champagne preservation system.  By installing Le Verre de Vin Tower to both bars they were able to open many more bottles of champagne, confident in the knowledge that they could preserve any opened bottle of champagne in 3 – 5 seconds and know that it will remain fresh for 21 days.

Le Verre de Vin Dual TowerLe Verre de Vin’s leading edge technology is the only preservation system that allows you to preserve bubbly without compromising the quality of the champagne in any way for 21 days.

Le Verre de Vin technology operates by introducing a precisely calibrated infusion of CO2 into a Champagne/sparkling wine bottle, thereby creating a pressure equilibrium and preventing any escape of CO2 from the wine itself.

A valved stopper is placed in the bottle and clipped in place (replicating the ‘wire around the original cork); the stopper retains the CO2 under pressure within the bottle and ‘locks in’ the natural fizz.  The process ensures that bubble loss is prevented and maximum preservation is achieved.

As the figures in the case studies above indicate, there is no better solution when it comes to implementing a successful and profitable wine and Champagne by the glass, than Le Vere de Vin.

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