South Africa has been famous for its fabulous wines for more than 350 years.  We share some fascinating facts about the wine industry in South Africa that demonstrate how impressive the industry is. We intersperse this with some Le Verre De Vin facts showing how important it is for wine cellars and restauranteurs to know how key Le Verre de Vin is to this industry!

Did you know that South Africa……. Portable Tower BC06P

  • has the oldest wine industry outside Europe
  • produced more that 915 million litres of wine in 2014
  • has Le Verre de Vin as the leading wine preservation system in South Africa
  • exports an average of 450 million litres of wine per year
  • produces 4.2% of the world’s wine
  • is the world’s eighth largest wine producer
  • has the longest wine route in the world (along the R62)

And there’s more….

  • There are more than 100 000 hectares of vineyards in South Africa
  • Le Verre de Vin can preserve any opened bottle of wine or bubbly, keeping it as fresh as the day it was opened for up to 21 days
  • White wine varieties account for about 54.6% of local wine production and red wine varieties for 45.4%
  • Le Verre de Vin is the only commercial-grade wine preservation system that is able to re-seal an unlimited number of opened bottles of still, sparkling wine and champagne in just 3 seconds
  • In South Africa the most popular varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon (11.7%), Shiraz (10%), Pinotage (7.2%) and Merlot (6.2%)
  • Le Verre de Vin allows the operator the flexibility of offering wine by the glass service by pouring each and every glass of wine directly in front of the customer
  • The wine industry contributed more than R36 billion to the country’s economy in 2013
  • Le Verre de Vin eliminates wastage and removes the risk of ever selling a glass of wine past it’s best
  • The world’s largest wine cellars are in Paarl. The cellars of KWV occupy 22ha and can hold 121 million litres
  • Le Verre de Vin is the only preservation system that creates a precisely controlled preservation environment irrespective of how much wine remains in the bottleDual Single Pod Bar BC402
  • Wine in Sesotho is beine, in Xhosa is iwayini, in isiZulu is ewayini and in Setswana is mofine
  • Le Verre de Vin quickly and easily removes oxygen from open bottles of wine to a precisely controlled level effectively preserving the subtle structure of the best wines for up to 21 days
  • The Cape Winelands claimed eight global and 43 regional awards in the Great Wine Capitals Best Wine Tourism Awards 2014
  • With Le Verre de Vin, in the case of sparkling wine or champagne, a buffer of carbon dioxide gas is inserted into the head space above the liquid preventing any loss of the natural sparkle in the wine. This simple technique ensures pristine preservation for 21 days

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