The world of wine stands accused of being full of stuffy etiquette! And, yes it can be! That being said, without being too stuffy ourselves,  today we enlighten you about the 7 deadly sins of wine drinking – all the better to enjoy your subtle, delicately flavoured wine experience…

Deadly Sin Number 1: Fill your glass to the top

Much of the wine tasting experience is about what we smell.  So there needs to be space to swirl your wine in your glass to aerate the wine to release the bouquet and complex flavours.  Also over filling can lead to spillage and you wouldn’t want to look like a lush, would you?

Deadly Sin Number 2: Ostentatious swirling and sound effects winesnob-glass

If you swirl too vigorously you will lose much of the wine’s aroma and you could end up sloshing it all over yourself! Savouring your wine at a dinner party should not be an “auditory experience” for your fellow diners – all that slurping and gurgling only makes you look like a winebecile!

Deadly Sin Number 3: Putting ice in your white (or worse, red) wine

Wines are delicately balanced and wine makers have gone to great lengths to create the body and balance.  By adding ice, the composition of the wine is compromised.  Just put the whole bottle into an ice bucket filled with ice and cold water and it will be perfectly chilled very quickly.

Deadly Sin Number 4: Warming red wine in front of the heater

It is advised to take the chill off your red wine.  However doing so in front of a heater is not the answer.  Warming it in this way, by rapidly changing the temperature, can damage its delicate flavour.  A red wine that is warmed over 18 degrees C will lose its freshness and the flavours will become muddied.  Once it is at room temperature, rather warm it by holding the bowl of the glass in your hands – it all adds to the savouring of the experience

Deadly Sin Number 5: Mixing wine with coke

While mixing wine with coca-cola is common practise in some countries – it would make any self-respecting wine maker hang his/her head in despair as you will utterly destroy the subtleties of the wine.

Deadly Sin Number 6: Storing wine sealed with a cork vertically

If a wine has a screw cap it is fine to store it upright.  A wine with a cork is another matter all together. If a cork dries out, and it will if the bottle is standing up, then it will let in air and oxidise the wine, changing the flavour and spoiling the wine.

Deadly Sin Number 7: Running out of wine

no wineThis has got to be the most unforgiveable of all wine sins!! There can be nothing worse than being half way through a meal and running out of wine!  Plan ahead – remember a bottle fills about four to five glasses!

And there are our 7 deadly sins – if you can think of any more, then add them to the comments section below – we’d love to hear them!

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