The landscape of the wine consumer in South Africa is shifting, and quickly. For those of us who are in the business of selling wine, be it in a restaurant, on a wine farm, at a food and wine fair, it is imperative that we are aware of who our consumers are and what trends are emerging.  Right now, in the South African context, we see that traditional tops-soweto-wine-festival-2012-drinking-winestereotypes about wine in South Africa are fading as a new generation of not only black wine connoisseurs, but also black producers, are entering the wine scene.

For many years, South Africa’s wine industry has been viewed as one of the most progressive and successful of many wine-producing countries. And this is still true today, as the industry reflects the transformation of South Africa and new wine consumption trends point to a new group of emerging wine consumers – black wine enthusiasts.

Changing consumer profile

Matome Mbatha, Wines of South Africa (Wosa) market manager for Africa and the Americas, says that the industry has noticed a shift in the profile of local wine consumers.

“There has been a great interest in wine from the black community,” Mbatha says. South Africa’s growing black middle class is one of the reasons for the change in wine consumption trends according to Mbatha. “These people seek and love fine things in life, and wine, as a lifestyle product, resonates well with that need.”  The availability of easy-to-drink wines has also helped to grow a more diverse consumer base. “Many black wine drinkers start to appreciate wine on a casual basis and gradually upgrade to more serious wine once they gain confidence in their wine knowledge,” he says.  And this is where it is key for a restauranteur to tap into this consumer profile, by offering wine by the glass as an experience for this emerging market to taste new wines as they explore the finer things in life. And that is why the le Verre de Vin system is perfect to support you in offering a whole range of fine wines by the glass, allowing you to offer a wide selection and yet still preserve the opened bottles of wine for up to 21 days – so really enhancing your bottom line in a very positive way!  This gives you the freedom to offer many wines by the glass and still create even more profit for your business (because any opened bottle can be preserved for 21 days, keeping it as fresh as the day it was opened)- that’s what we call a win-win solution!

Wine festivals also play an important role in making wine more accessible to a market where in the past there has not been much up-take, and helping debunking the myth that drinking wine is a highbrow affair. At wine festivals, people who would ordinarily not drink wine have an opportunity to sample a wide variety of wine styles. This is underscored by the phenomenal success of the Soweto Wine Fair – in their 11th year and running again 3- 5 September 2015 – set to attract over 10 000 customers.  Again as a wine farm being a part of a prestigious event like the Soweto Wine Fair, Le Verre de Vin would only enhance the value of your offering – allowing you to offer wine that is fresh, fresh , fresh throughout the whole show!  You can’t afford not to have one.

If wine sellers, be they restauranteurs or wine farms, can tap into the emerging black market of South Africa, and create a strong and loyal customer base, the implications are astronomical and Le Verre de Vin is perfectly positioned to support you in that growth.  With Le Verre de Vin you can offer any of your wines, by the glass, knowing that your wine is perfectly preserved for 21 days after opening.  This means that by using le Verre de Vin Portable Tower BC06Pand promoting your offerings/experiences to the black middle class group, you stand to benefit from an increased market share with more profit and a wider spread of options on offer.  It seems to be a no-brainer to me!

Call us right now to see how Le Verre De Vin can significantly support you in tapping into this rapidly emerging trend of wine consumers – you can’t afford not to!

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