Le Verre de Vin Wine Preservation TechnologyThere are so many rituals that go into the experience of having a cup of coffee and for many people, what the coffee is like is what determines whether they will go to a restaurant or not.  When one of our customers, who are actually a well-known coffee roastery, bought one of our wine preservation systems recently, we realised that there such perfect synergies between having equipment that serves excellent coffee and having equipment that allows you to offer an unmatched wine experience – where you can offer all your wines by the glass and still increase your profits considerably!

So how DOES it compare?  Why should you be investing in a Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system?  Have a look at the table below and see the synergies:

The ExperienceWhat does a coffee machine offer in the coffee experience?What does Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system offer for a full 21 days after a bottle of wine has been opened?
Ease of useDone on the spot and used immediately for ensure freshnessOpened on the spot and preserved on the spot with just opened freshness for 21 days
FreshnessThere's nothing quite like a freshly brewed cup of coffeeThere's nothing quite like a perfect glass of your favourite wine - still tasting as fresh as the day it was opened, 21 days later!
TasteMouthfeel: Body – used to describe the physical properties of the coffee.Mouthfeel: Physical impact of a wine on the palate - still the same as it was when it was opened
AromaCoffee aroma is the fragrance of brewed coffee and is closely related to coffee flavour. Many nuances of a coffee are reflected in the smell, or "the nose"Fruity smell of the bouquet, or nose. Many nuances of a wine are reflected in the smell, or "the nose. Still going strong after 21 days!
BodyThe physical mouth feel and texture of a coffee. A coffee's body (light, medium, or full) is its thickness due to the amount of dissolved and suspended solids and oils extracted from the coffee grounds.Weight of the wine in the mouth due to its alcoholic content, sugar or extract. And, you guessed it, that body still as full as it was on the day it was opened
NoseThe aroma and taste characteristic of a coffee sensed by the nose, especially when exhaling coffee vapours after swallowing.Also known as the bouquet - the layers of smells and aromas perceived in a wine - still as tantalising on day 21 as on day 1!
ComplexityThe array of flavours and flavour shifts experienced when smelling and tasting a coffee.An element in all great wines and many very good ones; a combination of richness, depth, flavour intensity, focus, balance, harmony and finesse. Mmmm… 21 days later still mmmmm
AftertaseThe taste of brewed coffee vapours released after swallowing. Also called "finish", aftertastes can be chocolatey, burnt, spicy, tobaccoy, tangy, etc.Flavour remaining on the palate, throat and back nasal passages after a wine has been swallowed. The longer, the better. Also called the finish, or the 'lingering farewell'. Ahhhh……bliss….. that special something about a really good wine, still going strong 21 days after it's opened - what more could you ask for?
Cost of equipmentR20 000 - R120 000R40 000

Can you afford not to have Le Verre de Vin in your restaurant?

If you’d like to find out more about this cutting edge technology, then have a look at our product page, or contact us at on +27 (0)21 788 9788 or at info@bermarcollection.co.za and we’ll be happy to discuss the advantages of installing a Le Verre de Vin system in your establishment.