Le Verre de VinLe Verre de Vin – more than tailor-made for the hotel industry! That’s quite a bold statement and yet we truly believe it, even more so with the addition of the all new innovative Portable Tower.  And here’s why – Le Verre de Vin is the ONLY wine preservation system capable of effectively preserving an unlimited number of still, sparkling and fortified wines.

Added to that, with the mobility of the all new Portable Tower , we can offer the world’s most flexible, commercial-grade still wine and Champagne preservation system right here in South Africa.

So what makes the innovative Portable Tower so desirable for the hotel industry?

  • The Portable Tower’s flexible nature makes the Le Verre de Vin  the system of choice for an unlimited range of applications, particularly for hotels.
  • It is compact, easy to transport and doesn’t require any permanent installation – perfect for offering wine by the glass at any event, at any place, any time.
  • You can use it temporarily in conference, banqueting & function rooms giving you the option to offer a bespoke selection of wines at any function without any expensive wastage.
  • Hotels are able to enhance their wine by the glass range in temporary/pop up restaurants & bars –  the Portable Tower gives the  opportunity to offer a full range, including all premium brands with no  wastage­ – only an increase in sales and profit.
  • As the other Le Verre de Vin systems do, the Portable Tower  preserves an unlimited number of  opened bottles for up to 21 days.
  • It gives you the opportunity to offer ideal 21st century service –  poured in front of the customer, direct from bottle to glass (‘Perfect  Serve’).
  • The Portable Tower is fitted with contemporary multi light resealing  nozzles – chose from 7 different colours  to further enhance, or blend  in with, the décor for your functions.
  • Minimal space is  required for the Portable Tower, so it can be discreetly placed for optimal use.
  • It is simple and quick for staff to use, so allows you to maintain excellent levels of service, while being able to offer an extended range of wines.
  • You could also use one permanently in each of your bars and restaurants – the Portable Tower is compact and easy to fit.

Le Verre de Vin Tower

Everyone wins – you can offer customers a much wider choice of wines, while affording you additional opportunities to sell, all the while knowing that your costs are secured, as Le Verre de Vin removes the risk of wastage .

Can your hotel afford NOT to have this cutting edge technology?

A leading hotel group have endorsed the Le Verre de Vin machine and have started introducing them into their various hotels and casinos, and we would like to acknowledge them and express our appreciation for their support and confidence in our remarkable products.  And we wish to serve other hotel groups in the same way, offering our leading edge technology matched with our world-class service.

To find out more about our products, visit our products page on our website or contact us on +27 (0)21 788 9788 or at info@bermarcollection.co.za  and we’ll help you decide what of the Le Verre de Vin range will best suit your needs.