A day or so ago, as I was trawling the internet, as one does, looking for some interesting information, seeing what the wine trends are, and I came across this article : Revealed: Top 10 SA Hotels where the richest of the rich check in. Hmmm… that gave me pause for thought…..  I wonder which of these, if any, use our world-class wine preservation system, Le Verre de Vin.  So I opened up the article and saw that the following hotels were listed:


Well – guess how many of them use this innovative Le Verre de Vin system?  8 of them – yes 8!!  Now that in itself says something.  These hotels are revered and frequented by the rich and famous because of the fabulous, luxurious, and often unique, experiences they offer to their clientele.  And by implication, because of the commonality of so many of them using this innovative technology, Le Verre de Vin is a part of this luxurious experience.  It frees up these sought after establishments to offer any sublime, top-quality wine either as a whole bottle or as wine by the glass, knowing that the wine that they offer tastes as good as the day it was opened, even 21 days later!  As someone in the business of offering their customers the very best there is to offer, how can you NOT have a system like Le Verre de Vin?

For those of you who are aspiring to be in the Top 10 list, Le Verre de Vin can be integral in elevating the experience that you offer. It gives you the freedom to offer ALL of your wines, including the top quality wines, as wine by the glass, Twin Pod Bar Counter Topallowing people to choose whichever wine they want by the glass.  This ties in seamlessly with the international trend – a revolution, if you will – of consumers being adamant that they want access to ANY wine by the glass. The state-of-the-art Le Verre de Vin system, allows you to do this and NOT impact your bottom line, and rather increase these sales, as it preserves the wine, as fresh as the day it was opened, for 21 days.   As I said before – how can you NOT have a Le Verre de Vin system as part of your game plan to make that Top 10 list!

If you would like to explore the possibilities that le Verre de Vin can bring to your establishment – how it can help you create unique wine experiences, improve your bottom line and keep you at the forefront of global trends, then contact us – call us on +27 (0)21 788 9788  or email us at info@bermarcollection.co.za