Still WinesOver the last few years we have watched and applauded the international trend of establishments increasingly offering wine by the glass to their clientele.  This trend has grown considerably over the last few years and every restaurant now offers at least one wine by the glass option and many offer a number of premium wines, by the glass too.

And now we observe that it seems that this trend has hit a plateau…  Our theory is that those restaurants that have a wine preservation system in place find that their wine sales just keep increasing. On the other hand many restaurants that don’t have a wine preservation system in place are needing to reduce their selection of wine by the glass, as it is impossible to sustain a premium wine and bubbly by the glass option without a preservation system in place – they find that the costs just become too prohibitive.  Many restaurants who had previously offered bubbly by the glass no longer do so either and this is probably to their detriment.

While we appreciate that the bottom line is paramount to staying in business, at the same time the demand for premium wines and bubbly by the glass keeps escalating.

Ease of useSo how can you, as a restaurateur, keep up with the demand of your clientele without incurring huge losses and without having to lay out a substantial financial outlay for a wine and bubbly preservation system?  How can you actually increase profits by having an extensive wine by the glass offering?

We have the ideal workable solution.  At The Bermar Collection we have designed a rental programme and we are offering rental options on our Le Verre de Vin wine and bubbly preservation systems.  What this means for you is that for a minimal monthly cost you can expand your offering of wine by the glass to include all the wines and bubbly that you offer. This offers  you a low affordable monthly payment, without the need to have a big capital outlay.

Reseal unlimited bottlesThe beauty of the rental option is that the wine preservation system is no longer considered a capex item and is now considered a monthly operational cost, and this monthly operation costs is easily covered.  It works out to R56.00 a day. What it that amounts to, is that you would need to sell just one extra glass of good quality wine a day and you will have covered this operational cost.

Because you will be able to offer all your wines, including all your premium wine by the glass – not only will you substantially increase your wine by the glass sales, your will also eliminate your wine wastage – all round making a profitable difference to your bottom line. In the current economic climate, it just makes sound business sense.

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