Yesterday Ernest and I took a drive out to Stellenbosch to meet with Andrew Baker, who is the On Consumption Executive for Vinimark, one of South Africa’s largest Independent Wine distributors.  Andrew has a long history with Le Verre de Vin and we wanted to meet with him to get his viewpoint on this wine and champagne preservation equipment.

Over many years in the wine industry, Andrew has a wealth of experience in three specific areas which he has been involved in which we would like to explore;

  1. As a Wine distributor
  2. As a Restaurant owner
  3. As a Consumer.

This is a great combination for us to get his insights into  Le Verre de Vin with regards to each of the hats he wears. Andrew is clearly passionate about what he does and he has some very valuable information to share.  He has a high regard for Le Verre de Vin and values the advantages that it offers.

He talked first about the advantages as he sees them to a DISTRIBUTOR for using Le Verre de Vin :

  • Use it to build brands in restaurants – acquire new listings or increase existing listings
  • It gives the option to offer more variety
  • Offering an extensive wine by the glass service, always increases your wine sales in volume and value.
  • This preservation technology supports and sustains a cost effective wine by the glass program.
  • You can offer restaurants the opportunity to make more money from wine sales and offer premium wines by the glass while eliminating the risk of a poor glass of wine or a wasted bottle of wine.

Le Verre de Vin Tower InstallationWe then moved onto his insight into the Le Verre de Vin  benefits for RESTAURANTS:

  • You can offer more quality wines by the glass – make this a point of difference for your restaurant to draw more people there
  • You can up-sell by offering more expensive wines by the glass
  • You can keep an opened bottle of wine fresh for 21 days with a Le Verre de Vin system
  • There is way less wastage – if any
  • It will definitely improve your sales turnover as you sell more wine
  • You can keep changing the wines that you offer by the glass – and in the process educate your staff about the wines correctly – this education is vital to make this machine very effective.
  • In these tough financial times you can offer someone a glass of good wine rather than their having to buy a whole bottle – and keep these wine by the glass options reasonably priced i.e. Divide your normal selling price for the bottle by 4 and sell it at this price, then the consumer really sees the advantage.
  • It gives choice to customers
  • A great option for customers to have just one glass without falling fowl to  our drinking and driving laws!
  • Gives flexibility in the kitchens for food and wine pairing – takes away the restriction of only being limited to certain wines
  • Very important – Even when serving wine by the glass – the waiter MUST bring the bottle to the table for the customer to taste prior to purchasing in the normal way and to show off the advantage of the Verre de Vin system.

Ease of useAnd then lastly we discussed the benefits of Le Verre de Vin for CONSUMERS:

  • Because Le Verre de Vin is such an effective wine preservation system, it means that the restaurant can offer a great choice of wine – it means that if there is a table of 4 people having dinner and each one wants a different wine, they can do so without the need to buy 4 different bottles of wine
  • As a consumer, if the restaurant trains his staff extremely well then you enjoy the benefits of additional wine education and may even have a second glass too!.
  • As a consumer, it gives you flexibility and you can change wines as your meal progresses and according to your menu choices
  • It also means that you can have a glass of wine and then still be able to drive and you have had to pay for a glass only and not the whole bottle

Quad Pod Bar Dual SystemAs you can see, Andrew has had a lot of very successful experiences with Le Verre De Vin and he can clearly see the benefits in investing in Le Verre de Vin as a wine preservation system.

To find out more about the profitable business benefits of installing a Le Verre de Vin system in your establishment, contact us on 021 788 9788 or email us at