It was 13 years ago, when the only wine by the glass that you could buy came from a box, that the late Mr Tim Rands (the founder of Vinimark) predicted that wine by the glass was the future of wine sales in restaurants in South Africa.  And his prophecy has borne out with some restaurants today offering 60 wines or more by the glass.

To underscore the validity of this prediction even further, Vinimark held a series of trade shows in major centres throughout South Africa during August, which clearly underlined that wine by the glass is an established trend for the future of wine in South Africa.

We, at Bermar Collection South Africa, home to Le Verre de Vin, the worldclass wine preservation system, were privileged to be a part of these trade shows in each centre: Johannesburg , Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.  Huge accolades are due to Vinimark for creating such a unique, slick event to supermarkets, off-sales and other retail outlets, restaurants etc. – the only trade show of its kind where they were invited to come and get exposure to the best wines from 54 wine estates in South Africa.

Each event had the estates set out in alphabetical order so that you could move easily from estate to estate, having the opportunity to sample any of the wines that you wanted to, with the advantage of having the catalogue that was handed to you on arrival, on hand to make notes as you sampled. The catalogue is well designed with a page for each estate, and each estate had their featured wines on it, with the pricing and space for comments under each wine.  At many of the estates tables, the wine-maker himself was there, being able to offer valuable information about each wine. Waiters circled discreetly offering tasty snacks to keep hunger at bay. The events were managed with panache and flair and were very well-attended in all regions, clearly valued by all the people who had been invited.

Portable Tower DualIt was also invaluable for Le Verre de Vin to be showcased at an event like this.  It was an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the ease of use of this preservation system, to show how this superlative  system is able to preserve wine for 21 days. An additional advantage was being able to exhibit how flexible the Portable Tower solution is. As it was an event (and this is the kind of thing that the Portable Tower is designed for), the only installation that was needed on arrival was to plug the system in! For many people, because they could see it in action, they got to realise just how positively a Le Verre de Vin system can impact their bottom line, as it allows you to increase your wine sales AND eliminate wine wastage ….and it can be operated effortlessly.

Congratulations to Vinimark for offering a trade show of this calibre – you deserve the support of this industry sector and we look forward to many more years doing business with you.

If you would like to find out more about how Le Verre de Vin can be your solution to creating a great experience for your customers, by being able to offer them all the wines on your wine-list by the glass and increase profits at the same time, then contact us today . We have a range of options, from buying Le Verre de Vin systems, to renting, to lease to purchase…. Please contact us on 021 788 9788 or email us at