“We will not participate in this recession” – a great phrase that is often bandied about in times of great economic prosperity 2discomfort!!  And in our daily interactions with businesses we do find people are feeling the pinch more and more and that budgets are being tightly managed.  For me, this kind of economic climate is actually a time to “not take part in the recession” – it is a time when visionaries refuse to capitulate – a time when these same visionaries are continually looking for and finding ways to improve and outdo the competition!

A great example of this is an experience in our own business.  About 8 years ago – about a year before the UK recession started, one of our team was visiting restaurants, resorts , wineries etc in Mauritius.  Occupancy generally sat at around 80%.  At the same time these establishments didn’t have an urgency about doing anything different and were reluctant to look for additional benefits to their businesses.

Two years later when the recession had been on for about a year, we went to Mauritius again. Occupancy was way down to 35 – 40% across the board.  Already many establishments were offering wine by the glass as part of their packages, to entice people to come and visit. Because they didn’t have a means of preserving their wine, by doing this they were losing even more money to wastage.

Now, with the recession on, the stakes were different – the need to offer something better AND save money, and even increase sales was a lot higher! And now, because of this need to do something differently, they were open to hearing about how Le Verre de Vin could make a difference – how they could preserve wine for up to 21 days, how they could increase profits by offering more wine by the glass options and at the same time eliminate wastage!

winetasting3At that time, Scott’s were one of the wine distributors, distributing wines to the top hotels.  As a result of taking the visionary route,  and of being open to being able to offer something that could make a huge difference to the bottom line, they bought 30 Le Verre de Vin machines and put them into the 5* hotels – who all very quickly started showing an increase in wine sales and a decrease in wastage.  The key message here is that they availed themselves of the opportunity that the recession offered them, and could see the immense value that a Le Verre de Vin system could put in place to offer an experience that put them above the rest.

So how can a Le Verre de Vin system help you to choose not to take part in the recession? If you install a Le Verre de Vin preservation system:

  • You can expect an increase of 25% + in the value of wine by the glass sales! Le Verre de Vin
  • You can expect an increase of 10% + in the volume of wine by the glass sales!
  • Based on the following assumptions: Average Selling Price per glass: ZAR 35 / Average Monthly Sales Days: 26 – By selling just one additional wine by the glass a day, you can expect to make an annual net revenue of additional sales of R6552.00 – that’s with just  ONE additional wine by the glass!!
  • Now, add to this the monthly savings from preserving just ONE glass of wine per day that would normally be lost to wastage: And you end up with an annual total revenue net increase of R17 472.00!! (Based on the following assumptions: Average Selling Price per glass: ZAR 35 / Average Monthly Sales Days: 26)

Portable Tower BC06PTo my mind – Le Verre de Vin is a no-brainer in these recessionary times. This is one of those visionary solutions that you actually just can’t afford not to take!

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