Whilst liquor consumption has varied by market and fad over the last decade, wine consumption has increased steadily.  Along with this, consumer lifestyles have undergone significant change – they seem to be more adventurous in their choice of wines and have become even more discerning in their taste.

winetasting3In light of these trends, forward thinking professionals within the licensed trade have come to realise the drawbacks of continuing to provide a large percentage of their customer base with a disappointing and often sub-standard wine by the glass service.  In order to maximise sales in this rapidly expanding area, it is essential that the following areas need to be addressed:

  • A wine preservation system – for still AND sparkling wines
  • The number of wines to be offered by the bottle and by the glass
  • The wine range in terms of numbers of red/ white/rose/sparkling/ champagne/dessert
  • Pricing the wine
  • Wine storage and service
  • Product knowledge and customer service training for all front of house staff
  • Merchandising / Point of Sale

Le Verre de VinLe Verre de Vin would be the perfect wine preservation solution for maximising the profitable opportunity that this wine by the glass revolution that is sweeping South Africa is offering.  Le Verre de Vin is acclaimed world-wide and remains the only commercial wine preservation system available that effectively re-seals an unlimited number of open bottles of still wine, sparkling wine, champagne and fortified wine, thereby keeping the contents in prime drinking condition for up to 21 days!!

Le Verre de Vin – a proven profit generator. 

By using a Le Verre de Vin system, you can expand your wine by the glass offering to include your whole wine list.  The benefits of installing a Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system are:

  • Consumers are delighted to see improvements in wine by the glass service and readily trade up to premium Le Verre de Vin Towerwines. As a result spend per head increases by an average of 25%+. Many also opt for a 2nd glass or even a bottle – thereby increasing the volume of wine sold by an average of 12%
  • Existing Le Verre de Vin users find that customers’ return time after time to have another glass of their favourite wine, impacting positively on other areas within the business. They also find that being able to offer such a wide selection of wine by the glass attracts new customers – often through personal recommendations
  • You are able to capitalise on the growing demand for a better range of quality wines to be made available by the glass. You will be able to maximise mid-range and premium priced bottle sales
  • You are able to more easily sell out slow moving stock by offering it by the glass
  • Le Verre de Vin eliminates the issues of wastage therefore eliminating that additional loss in profits
  • Le Verre de Vin eliminates the risk of ever selling a “bad” glass of wine
  • Le Verre de Vin running costs are minimal
  • Le Verre de Vin makes business senseLe Verre de Vin addresses wine drinkers’ common complaints of:
    • Limited choice
    • Poor quality wine
    • Off / oxidised wine
    • Wine served improperly
  • Le Verre de Vin is the only commercial wine preservation system that effectively reseals and keeps both still wine AND bubbly in prime condition for up to 21 days!
  • Le Verre de Vin is simple to operate
  • On average Le Verre de Vin customers see a pay back on their investment within 6 months!
  • Rental options are available.

Twin Pod Bar BC404_in situ_resealing_220220Contact us today for more information to see how Le Verre de Vin’s affordable preservation technology gives your establishment the opportunity of positively impacting your bottom line in current economic hard times!  Call us on 021 788 9788 or email us at info@bermarcollection.co.za