goodnewsAny time we watch or read any news in South Africa, it feels really depressing – so we thought we’d share some of our
GREAT news with you instead this month – create some of that feel good stuff – because we feel really good about what Le Verre de Vin can do for you!!

August has been a busy time for the world’s premiere wine preservation systems right here in South Africa – yes that’s Le Verre de Vin, our unique and award winning wine preservation systems! Le Verre de Vin is the only wine preservation system capable of effectively preserving an unlimited number of still, sparkling and fortified wines.

The machine quickly and easily removes oxygen from open bottles of wine to a precisely controlled level effectively preserving the subtle structure of the best wines for up to 21 days.

Le Verre de VinIn the case of sparkling wine or champagne, a buffer of carbon dioxide gas is inserted into the head space above the liquid preventing any loss of the natural sparkle in the wine. This simple technique ensures pristine preservation for 21 days.

Hotels, restaurants and bars can now offer a comprehensive list of premium wines and champagne by the glass to meet the needs of their guests, without risk of waste or disappointment and effectively increasing profitability.

Some of our August highlights include:

  • Our rental programme is thriving as we find more and more people are taking this option – they want access to this worldclass technology and at the same time don’t want to overstretch their budgets. In light of this, our rental programme has been structured so that it is easily affordable for anyone in the business of selling wine and therefore frees you up to sell any wine by the glass and supports you to increase your wine profits – excellent news for these harsh economic times!
  • Ernest has been visiting a number of wine farms with his robust portable Le Verre de Vin system. The beauty of this system (because it is portable) is that he is able to offer wine farms the opportunity to try it out, for an agreed period, for both their wine tasting venues and their restaurants, without the need to do an installation.anura
    • At Anura, when they did their taste testings to try out how well the system preserves the wine, the wine maker was included. What was really interesting to note was that in the first testing that they did, the wine maker knew which wine was fresh and which wine was preserved.  He said that he could taste a difference in the wine that was preserved.  So they decided to change their sample testing and to do a blind tasting instead.  This time the wine maker did not know which wine was fresh and which wine was preserved – and this time he was not able to say which one was which – he could NOT taste a difference!! It shows, it just works – more good news!!
  • birds_cafe_174A new installation is planned for early October at the vibey Birds Boutique Café. They are busy with some great revamping and a very exciting new venture – their new Le Verre De Vin system will be an integral part of this venture – keep an eye on the Birds Facebook page for the opening of their new venture – not long now!!
  • Another new installation was at the magnificent Views Boutique Hotel – a 5 star hotel in the Wilderness. They have also just been through a revamp and it does look absolutely stunning – it rivals the magnificent views!! They are now offering 10 premium wines by the glass and 8 champagnes by the glass – for that alone, it is worth the visit!! This installation was sponsored through Vinimark.  Vinimark are a leading wine distributor based in Stellenbosch and run a very innovative views-boutique-hotel-spa-wilderness-009program using the Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system as a unique selling point to their programme – a win for Vinimark, a wine for the establishment selling the wine and a wine for Le Verre de Vin.
  • Looking at the sentiment out there, it can seem all doom and gloom. At the same time, it seems that those that look to streamline their businesses are finding ways to spend money to increase profits and that Le Verre de Vin is a vital part of this process!

Contact us today for more information to see how Le Verre de Vin’s for more good news on how our wine preservation system can increase your wine profits and reduce your wastage!  Call us on 021 788 9788 or email us at