Mention the words Harbour House and to anyone who has been there, it immediately conjures up this beautiful image of harbourhousetitledining right on the edge of the beautiful False Bay, with the sound of the waves right at your window, the moonlight shimmering on the sea….. a lovely glass of wine in hand…. Fresh seafood…..  Hmmmm….. you can’t get more perfect than that!!

Well our Saturday night was just like that.  The moon was full and shining on the waters of False Bay and the sky was clear, the wind was not too bad (for Cape Town!!), there was a lovely fire burning in the grate and we were seated at the window!!  On the rocks below us there was a seal that had come to spend the night!! Pure romance!!!

And then Taiwanda, our very attentive waiter, came and offered us menus and the wine list!  I was delighted with the wine list. For me there is no other way, than to go to a restaurant that offers a whole range of wines by the glass in both red and white, and bubbly too!!  And Harbour House has a great selection of wines by the glass – both in red and white and 5 of their 7 bubbly’s.  The reason why the option of having wine by the glass on offer works so well is demonstrated by our choices on Saturday…. My partner chose a Chardonnay…. I chose a Red – partly chosen for its name – He Stole My Horse…. How can you not try a wine with a name like that/!!  There was no compromise on either side, we could each have as much as we want and as Taiwanda pointed out, if we had had to choose a bottle and not wanted to finish it – we would have had to leave it behind – in line with the new liquor laws. Being able to order wine by the glass meant that we could have a glass or two of our chosen wine and not need to worry about what the other wanted or about wasting wine ….

What I noticed is that the wines by the glass at Harbour House were carefully chosen to cover a range of options.  There are options across cultivars and then across price ranges as well – so you can have a really pricey wine by the glass and you can also have a more moderately priced wine by the glass – the options are there to suit any palate and any pocket and you can choose the wine that you prefer with any of your courses!!

Le Verre de Vin Wall MountedThis is made possible by their having a Le Verre de Vin system, mounted at the back of the bar for ease of access, which allows them to offer any wine that they choose by the glass and then to preserve it straight away, so that it does not matter if it is not used up on the day that it is opened!  As a matter of fact, they can preserve it for up to 21 days and it will still be as fresh as the day it was opened!! This is also why they are able to offer so many bubbly options by the glass too, as those bubbles are also kept as fresh as can be!! Having a Le Verre de Vin system also helps Harbour House to eliminate any wastage and they can then make a reasonable profit on their wines by the glass without needing to compromise on quality!!

So if you are wanting an evening out in a sublime setting, with a range of wines and bubbly’s on offer by the glass to go with your meal, then Harbour House would be the place to go and really experience this…

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