Millennials have been heralded as the generation capable of changing everything. The largest generation to date at 75 million strong, they certainly have clout.  For wine producers and wine sellers, it is imperative to get an understanding of what drives this generation to buy the wines that they do, as they define the trends that we are seeing in this industry. millennial2

This Millennial group of 18- to 34-year-olds is technologically savvy, environmentally engaged and eager for stories about the things they love. They’ve helped transform the way we connect with one another.  The question is: “Will they also (re)shape the way we drink?”  Perhaps….. although a millennial might answer “Yeeeeesssss!” By 2017, they’ll have more buying power than any other demographic group.

For many millennials, the interest in wine is for the narrative of the wine, rather than the wine. As a result a lot of mediocre wine is being sold on the basis of a story. It seems that they don’t distinguish the difference between “being excited about wine and wine that is genuinely exciting.”  Perhaps these “gaps” in millennials’ wine knowledge can be attributed to their incessant search for the next cool thing, be it orange wine or Slovenian Chardonnay.

Millennials regard the 100-point scale as the creation—and the provenance—of their older wine-drinking peers. They won’t be “duped” into buying an expensive wine just because some critic awarded it 92 points; they are far more interested in the stories behind the wine and in creating a personal connection. Millennials don’t like ratings, but they like some kind of review. They have a great thirst for knowledge.

A wine list designed to appeal to millennials shouldn’t be too pricey.    They tend to spend less money per bottle than their older peers. This isn’t all that surprising since most young wine drinkers have less money to spend.millennial

The majority of millennials are now over the legal drinking age, and the habits they acquire might shape the wine industry. Get a glimpse of the future with these factoids from Wine Opinions’ 2015 survey of wine-drinking millennials.

  • 54% haven’t purchased—and have no interest in purchasing—wine in a can.
  • 86% buy a bottle or glass of wine they’ve never tried before at least two to three times a month.
  • 22% subscribe to a print wine magazine, newsletter or other publication.
  • 85% have met someone after work for a glass of wine at least once in the past month.
  • 43% have visited four or more winery tasting rooms in the past 12 months.
  • 61% have commented on wine on Facebook or read the wine comments of others on Facebook in the past month.
  • 72% have posted a photo on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media showing wine they enjoyed in the past month.

When it comes to buying wine, Millennials are very driven by word-of-mouth .They prefer a personal connection to the person making the suggestions. They really want someone with experience who knows them to make a recommendation.

Will millennials in the end “revolutionize” wine—or banking or dining, for that matter? Will they render wine scores obsolete and classic wines like Bordeaux and Burgundy mere runners up to…Slovenian Chardonnay? Maybe!!  They’ve certainly done their part to promote small producers creating interesting wines in odd corners of the globe.

So how can you as someone in the business of offering wine serve this generation? If you consider that, 86% buy a bottle or glass of wine they’ve never tried before at least two to three times a month, and that 85% have met someone after work for a glass of wine at least once in the past month,  how can you NOT have a Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system – it is the ONLY way that you can support the tastes of this Millennial generation and get THEM talking about the wines that you offer.

Twin Pod Bar BC404_in situ_resealing_220220Le Verre de Vin is the only wine preservation system capable of effectively preserving an unlimited number of still, sparkling and fortified wines. It’s many benefits include:

  • Reseal unlimited bottles: It is the only commercial-grade wine preservation system that is able to re-seal an unlimited number of opened bottles of still, sparkling wine and champagne in just 3 seconds. Allows you to offer a whole range of wines to create an exciting wine experience and at the same time improve your bottom line
  • Controlled environment: It is the only preservation system that creates a precisely controlled preservation environment irrespective of how much wine remains in the bottle.
  • Fresh for up to 21 days: Ensures that every bottle will remain fresh (and sparkling), in prime drinking condition, for up to 21 days.
  • Eliminates wastage: Eliminates wastage and removes the risk of ever selling a glass of wine past its best.
  • Complete flexibility: It allows the operator the flexibility of offering wine by the glass service by pouring each and every glass of wine directly in front of the customer. This is an essential part of the wine drinking story
  • Ease of use: Compact, reliable, easy to use and operates automatically within a matter of seconds.

So don’t delay – contact us today to see how you can incorporate Le Verre de Vin’s affordable preservation technology into your establishment today and meet the increasing demands of the Millennials!  Call us on 021 788 9788 or email us at