Ha!  That caught your attention didn’t it?  If it’s not working, then, why recommend it?!!

What is Le Verre de VinWhat is IT?

IT is Le Verre de Vin, the world-class wine preservation system – the only system in the world that is able to preserve wine AND bubbly and that’s for 21 days!!

And who says it’s not working? Well to be fair, no one is saying it’s not working….. as a matter of fact , we are finding it is quite the opposite!!

Consider this, when the experts in their field start insisting that their establishments MUST install a Le Verre de Vin system, then something must be working.

So who in particular is doing this?

mt-nelsonCarl Heinz Habel, a well-known sommelier and wine consultant was first introduced to Le Verre de Vin at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel – from where this very apt quote originates, by the way: “Next to the blender, the Le Verre de Vin system is one of the most important pieces of equipment a hotel should have!”

Carl has had a distinguished career as a Sommelier – both internationally and locally. He believes that to be able to offer a world-class selection of wine by the glass, that a world-class wine preservation system is necessary. And his system of choice, that he recommends as a consultant, is Le Verre de Vin. We have done a number of installations through his recommendations recently – here are a couple of them…

cavalli-estate-stellenbosch-4In consultation with Cavalli Estate, Carl insisted that they install a Le Verre de Vin system. At their restaurant, the “Everyday Gourmet” (the first Green-star rated restaurant in South Africa) the menu is all about celebrating real food that nourishes and excites. Their wines have been created to have synergy with food.  It then makes perfect sense that to be able to offer wines to synergise with their gourmet foods, then a wine preservation system like Le Verre de Vin is necessary – wine by the glass becomes a must!

square-cafeAnd then just last week, we did an installation at the Square Café and Wine Bar – and this is a state of the art wine bar that offers downright delicious, smile-inducing food too!!  Again it was at the recommendation of Carl that they ordered a system. As they say “fermented grapes” are offered there. And if you are offering ‘fermented grapes” (running a wine bar), you will be offering wine by the glass.  If you are offering wine by the glass… then you MUST have a wine preservation system. This is where Le Verre de Vin comes into play – being able to preserve a bottle of wine (or bubbly) in 3 seconds flat and perfectly preserving that wine (or bubbly) for 21 days!! With no wastage either!!

nobu-restaurantCarl is now at operating in a GM role For Nobu Hospitality at The One and Only. At Nobu you can experience international culinary influences, where classical Japanese cuisine is given a contemporary twist with a Peruvian influence and diners can indulge in fresh South African seafood and indigenous spices. And yes, it should be clear by now – he has insisted that they install their own Le Verre de Vin system so that patrons can pair their wine accordingly, glass by glass.

maslowCue in Patrick Fisher. Patrick was also introduced to Le Verre de Vin at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel – which has long been regarded as one of the city’s top five star hotels.  When he moved on to become the Food and Beverage Manager at Maslow Hotel, at Sun International in Sandton – where superior comfort, relaxation and elegance are guaranteed – he also insisted that they install a Le Verre de Vin system, allowing wine by the glass to be a matter of choice.

nobu-1Now Patrick is Director of Food and Beverages at The One and Only and he has been instrumental in the Le Verre de Vin system being installed in Cape Town. Again this offers their patrons a wide range of wine by the glass, while allowing their establishment to increase their wine sales and reduce their wine wastage.

So this comes back to my original question – If it doesn’t work, then why recommend it? It MUST be working if these experts in their field keep insisting on it being installed wherever they are operating!!

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