With the elections in America now over and with all sorts of calls going out to our South African government – to say that we live in interesting times would be an understatement!

And we see it reflected in our dealings with organisations who are in the business of selling wine.  What we are Portable Tower Installationexperiencing is two-fold. On the one hand, while many long standing establishments acknowledge the need for a world-class wine preservation system, like Le Verre de Vin – so that they could offer  a whole range of wine by the glass – and they realise that a portable system like the Le Verre de Vin Tower  would be invaluable for functions ….. , yet they are reticent and reluctant to make any kind of investment in this kind of technology. And the reason that they invariably give is that they are unsure what the future holds and so they are reluctant to make this kind of investment right now. Luckily this is where our rental programme is tailor-made for this kind of scenario, as it allows you to offer a wide range of wine by the glass and still reap the financial benefits of offering wine by the glass, while not have to make that technology investment at this stage.

the_kitchen_warm_karoo_bloemfontein-e1477298467302And then, on the other hand, we are seeing those with entrepreneurial vision, really understanding the opportunities that come from  offering wine by the glass and having the cutting edge technology of Le Verre de Vin to boost these sales even more – and then really going for it!  One such perfect example is the newly established Warm Karoo in Bloemfontein.  Warm Karoo is a new wedding and function venue with a restaurant called The Kitchen.  They have chosen 200 wines and bubblies to sell by the glass – yes 200!!  They are able to do this with the back-up of their Le Verre De Vin Classic wine preservation system Le Verre de Vin Classic Steel Dualwhich was installed as part of the Vinimark programme.

Warm Karoo is a combination of city elegance, country tranquillity and with a focus on everything being authentic, and this makes Warm Karoo the perfect setting for any event.

Warm Karoo pride themselves on being a place where you can host your event with ease and peace of mind that everything will run according to plan. A part of this ease is that you will have a great selection of wines to choose from – by the glass!

warm-karoo-gallery-120671-20150504102229Warm Karoo offers  a variety of venue choices –with indoor or outdoor areas to celebrate… the possibilities are endless. We know that with the kind of vision behind Warm Karoo, that understands the enormous benefits of coupling a world-class wine preservation system with a vast range of wines by the glass, that they will only go from strength to strength – we wish them great success!

So if you are of the entrepreneurial persuasion, who can realise the profitable business Compact Dual Straight Lightbenefits  of installing a Le Verre de Vin system in your establishment and want to make that investment in the growth of your business, or you are more cautious of what the future holds and would prefer to rent, as you can see the benefits and would rather rent for now, then give us a call.  You can contact us on 021 788 9788 or email us at