Saturday night saw us trying out the new Jakes on the Common, in Noordhoek – (this being our 2nd attempt to visit – we didn’t book for the previous weekend and they were full – so book if you want to try them out!!) Jakes on the Common is ideally situated at the start to Chapman’s Peak and at the turn-off to Noordhoek Beach.

Jakes on the Common is in a beautiful new building. It is big and spacious and airy and was fully booked, with a real buzz going.  We were warmly greeted and shown to our table.  And our waiter was there to serve us straight away – the service was very slick throughout the evening.

Jakes has a varied menu with a range of meals to suit all tastes.  What we appreciated is that they offer half portions of many of their main meals – this means that if you are not feeling that hungry you can order a portion to suit your appetite.  This actually worked really well for us, my partner was not that hungry and had the small portion of steak and I was starving, so I had the pork belly with cauli mash – both were delicious meals.

Now, to get to the important part of the evening… wine !!!  Jakes has a great concept in their wine by the glass option.  It seems that Jakes have their finger firmly on the pulse of the wine by the glass trend and they are offering an experience accordingly.

Firstly they have a whole range of wines and bubbly by the glass.  Secondly they give you 2 options in their wine by the glass range  – you can order either a 125ml serving or a 250ml serving.  This is great on so many levels:

  • If you are driving you can have a small glass and still be ok to drive.
  • If you want more than 1 kind of wine, you can have a small glass of each
  • Each person can have the wine of their choice without being tied to a full bottle (great for us because I like red and my partner likes white!)
  • If 2 of you want the same wine but don’t want a full bottle between you, the 250ml option is great – the wines come in a small glass carafe and the waiter then pours the wine into your glass – makes the wine drinking experience feel a little more special and I saw a number of tables doing this.

All this is made possible by their Le Verre de Vin wine and bubbly preservation system – they have a Classic system stylishly complementing their bar.  Jakes had the foresight to ensure that they had their Le Verre de Vin system in place from the get-go; so that they could offer their wines by the glass; not waste any wine; and make sure that their offering is profitable.  This decision was based on their experience in the other Jakes restaurants, where they have seen how imperative it is to have a world-class system, like Le Verre de Vin, in place to be able to keep up with the international wine by the glass trends, and still ensure that there is little wine wastage and to make sure that their wine list generates profits.

Reseal unlimited bottlesI also took the opportunity to chat to the bar staff at Jakes on the Common.  They were new to the system when the restaurant opened and they find the system very easy to use, it takes seconds to preserve a bottle, and they heartily endorsed Le Verre de Vin as being an asset to their bar.

So if you would like a good evening out, for a good meal , complemented with a glass or two of one of South Africa’s fine wines, then head on over to Jakes on the Common.

If you are in the business of selling wine to consumers and would like to know how Le Verre de Vin would be an income producing, profit increasing, minimising wine wastage asset to your establishment then contact us today and we will be happy to discuss this in detail with you.  Contact us on 021 788 9788 or email us at