Earlier this week, found us in the picturesque village of Simonstown, on a lovely spring evening, starving and ready to feast.  And feast we did at the delectable Saveur Restaurant overlooking the water in the Boardwalk Centre.

I was so glad that we had booked because the place was packed – Saveur is clearly a popular eating place – I am not sure if it is because of their delicious food or their amazing mid-week specials or a mixture of both. That was the first thing that struck me, how busy they were on a Tuesday night and our waiter told us that it is like that every night, right through the year.

The second thing that struck me was the quality of the waiters.  Our waiter (and the others, too) was very engaging, knowledgeable about the food and the wine and with just the right amount of attentiveness.  As a matter of fact, our whole experience was one of them dealing with whatever came up with quiet professionalism – highly commendable.

The third thing that struck me was the wine list.  While Saveur have a few options of wine by the glass, there is not much of a choice if you only want a glass (or two) of a premium wine.  This for me was the thing that was missing – the option to have any wine that I wanted by the glass, and I am sure that Le Verre de Vin would be an ideal solution for them.  I am convinced that if they had a wine preservation system in place, they would see their wine sales rocket, if they were to offer their full range by the glass, including all their premium wines and their bubbly.  And Le Verre de Vin could be the ideal wine preservation system to do this, both for their still wines and their bubblies.

I chose a nice red to go with my meal (my companions weren’t drinking) and while I enjoyed it, there were other reds that I would have preferred, however I only wanted a glass with my meal and not a whole bottle, so had to opt for what was available by the glass!  I am sure that, more and more, people are asking  for wine by the glass than for bottles and having a Le Verre de Vin system could be an excellent way to improve their customer experience, by offering their full range  – by the glass. And Saveur would find that their wine sales and profits would increase and their wine wastage would be virtually eliminated – an interesting thing to consider.

The fourth thing that struck me was the food. It was delicious, and thought has clearly gone into the menu, so interesting combinations of flavour are offered.  I had already decided on a steak – only to find that Tuesday nights are steak special nights at Saveur – 50% off – that was an added bonus.  My dining companions also enjoyed their meals immensely, although they opted for seafood options rather than a steak, ending off with a decadent caramel crème brulee to share!

So, all in all, an excellent meal out was had at Saveur.  A great ambience, good food with delicious, interesting flavours, excellent service, and some great wines (just wish there’d been more by the glass).

If you are in the business of selling wine to consumers like Saveur is, and would like to know more about how Le Verre de Vin can:

  • Afford you the opportunity to offer your whole wine range by the glass
  • Increase your wine sales
  • Increase your wine profits
  • Eliminate wine wastage
  • Enhance your customer experience
  • Be very easy to use

– all because Le Verre de Vin can preserve wine and bubbly for 21 days – as fresh as the day it was opened – then contact us today and we will be happy to discuss this in great detail with you.  Contact us on 021 788 9788 or email us at info@bermarcollection.co.za.