Vinimark is an independent wine specialist company, marketing, distributing and selling more than 50 of our country’s best-known wine brands. They are also the sole distributor of a number of exclusive French champagnes.

With this in mind and wanting to add value to both their producers and customers, Vinimark run their annual series of Trade Fairs around the country during August. And we were at each trade show demonstrating the simple to use, yet highly effective wine preservation system, Le Verre de Vin.

With the success of the events behind him, we took the opportunity to chat with Riaan Rautenbach – National Sales Manager at Vinimark about these well-run Trade Fairs.

Riaan told us that the annual Vinimark Trade Fairs were first launched nineteen years ago.  When they first started, they showcased twenty-five wine farms.  Today they proudly showcase fifty-six wine brands, with the wine maker of each brand being at the events.

With the Trade Fairs mainly aimed at the Trade, it gives an opportunity for Vinimark’s producers to interact with their customers and for the producers to showcase their wines (new vintages and new wines).

Riaan went on to tell us that since its inception, the Trade Fairs have been well supported by the Trade.  It is seen in the industry as an unprecedented opportunity for customers and producers to talk wine and to talk a bit of business, with such a large number of producers all under one roof.

Because we are in the business of supporting the wine by the glass industry with Le Verre de Vin wine preservation systems, we asked Riaan about his views on the wine by the glass trend. He feels that wine by the glass, as an offering, is gaining importance; that consumers want to be able to enjoy a good quality glass of wine or bubbly, without having to purchase a whole bottle. He finds that this is more prevalent at the top end. And it also opens opportunities for restaurants to do special pairings and promotional offerings.

Riaan’s experience with Le Verre de Vin has only been good.  He finds that the great thing about the system is that it does what it says on the box.  He said that they confidently recommend the system to customers.  Vinimark has a specific programme for restaurants that includes using Le Verre de Vin to do their wine preservation.

Riaan believes that Le Verre de Vin complements their offering, by enabling restaurants to offer more wine by the glass to their customers.  They want their consumers to be able to enjoy and taste our wines, in a restaurant, when they are relaxed and being social.  If they enjoy the wine they will go and seek it out in an Off Con environment to replicate the experience at home.

And Vinimark’s customers also find that the system is easy to use and easy to maintain.  The unit does not take up a lot of space and aesthetically looks good.

On looking wine trends, Riaan sees that current trends have a move to more premium wines, which fits in well with a wine by the glass offering. And another interesting new trend that he sees is towards de-alcoholised wine – it would be good to see where this trend goes.

If you would like to know more about the Vinimark programme, please contact Riaan Rautenbach at .

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