Pappas is an award winning, family owned restaurant centrally situated on the Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton. Their passion lies in using fresh, quality produce to create  innovative, well-presented dishes.  Pappas focuses on a sophisticated yet relaxed experience.

And part of that experience is being able to offer 26 still and 4 bubbly wines by the glass. They offer two options of every wine variety that is on their wine list.  You may wonder how Pappas can offer such an extensive wine by the glass range and for this to be a viable option.  We chatted to Charles De Olim, the owner of Pappas to find out more.

Charles explained that he wants his customers to have a really good experience when they come to his restaurant, so he always thinks of himself as a patron and considers what he would enjoy when dining at a restaurant and then acts on that. As he, himself, is a wine lover, he felt that it is important to offer both choice and quality by the glass at Pappas, as this is something that he would value in his dining experience.

At the time, Charles was well ahead of the international trend of wine by the glass and was considering introducing the concept of an extended wine by the glass list when he went to visit Rockets in Parkhurst and saw a Le Verre de Vin machine in action and decided that this would be a great asset to his restaurant.

He explored Le Verre de Vin wine preservation systems as a viable option to support the dream of being able to offer nearly 40 still wines, sparkling wines and champagne by the glass. He quickly realised that Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system would provide this option.  And he also really worked for him was that even with the practical constraints that come with a busy bar area, that Le Verre de Vin had a model that would fit into his space and would be able to handle the size of the menu that they wanted to offer by the glass.

So six years ago their Le Verre de Vin Twin Pod system was installed. And they have not looked back. 

What Charles experiences in having a Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system in place is that it gives them the advantage of offering a good selection of wines without the lingering concern of a bottle opened and losing stock if it does not move quickly enough, because they are able to preserve it for up to 21 days. 

And their Le Verre de Vin also complements the experience on offer to his patrons – aside from the obvious expanded choice, with a decent selection of wines, patrons, should they choose, can pair different varieties with different dishes .  This is really appreciated by his clientele – the wine list offering both variety and quality. And as it’s a good looking machine,  with customers at the bar, they get to witness the barmen using the machine too.

Charles has been aware of the growth in wine festivals and finds that the wine industry itself has diversified, as well as, improving overall wine quality. Consumers are now far more informed and knowledgeable about  wine. And their Le Verre de Vin systems allows Pappas to satisfy the need to reflect this in their offering on their menu.

After 6 years of service, Pappas machine is still going strong.  Over the years there have been minimal problems with the system and when there is a problem he has found the service to be efficient and streamlined, as there is a dedicated agent for repairs in Jo’burg.

The bottom line for Charles, in having a Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system in place, all boils down to one fact – if he didn’t have the system, it would result in less sales on their wines – simple as that!

If you would like to know more about Le Verre de Vin and how you can really reap the benefit of offering a range of wine by the glass too, then please contact us on 021 788 9788 or email us at and we will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.