winetasting3It’s that time of the year, when it’s cold and rainy (in the Cape anyway) and this can have an impact on many businesses. As we travel around visiting wine farms, our experience is that many wine farms tend to experience a slump in the winter months and because of this slump, there is an impact on the profitability of these wine farms.  Smaller farms with fewer wines find that they still need to open all their wines, as they only have a few on offer – this can create a lot of wastage as the number of people doing wine tasting can be a lot less in winter.  Larger farms that have a wide range of wines to offer tend to scale back and only offer a small range, limiting the number of wines that they offer for tasting – all done to cut down on wastage.  This can be frustrating for the wine taster and it does not seem to make great business sense. It also seems that many wine farms don’t measure tasting losses per annum. There has to be another way of being able to make the wine tasting experience as pleasurable as it is in the summer months, and still be able to maintain a decent level of profitability!

Le Verre de VinThe answer is simple – Le Verre de Vin – a unique and award winning wine preservation system!

Le Verre de Vin is the only wine preservation system capable of effectively preserving an unlimited number of still, sparkling and fortified wines. The innovative processes and technology incorporated within each unit are so advanced that the system has won fully granted patent status in all the major wine markets around the world. Since its launch, Le Verre de Vin has won widespread acclaim from the thousands of hoteliers, restauranteurs and operators for whom it plays a pivotal role in the service of wine by the glass.

Le Verre de Vin’s wine preservation technology can allow all wine farms, no matter how big or small their range is, to make all of their brands available for tasting without fear of wastage and loss. Le Verre de Vin’s world class wine preservation technology can eliminate the losses that they have previously experienced without any preservation system in place.

Le Verre de Vin has a unique blend of benefits that can turn your winter wine tasting offerings into a highly Portable Tower BC06Pprofitable venture:

  • Unlimited preservation from one compact, simple to use system in just 3 seconds
  • Ensures that every bottle will remain fresh (and sparkling), in prime drinking condition, for up to 21 days
  • Champagne and still wines preservation by one unit
  • Precision engineering and proven reliability
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • Simple installation
  • Eliminates wastage and removes the risk of ever selling a glass of wine past its best.

Dual Single Pod Bar BC402What we have found is that farms like Simonsig, who have implemented a Le Verre de Vin system have found that the system has paid for itself in as little as 3.5 months. Places like KWV, who have an extensive offering of wines, used to offer only 10 wines for winter wine tasting.  Now that they use Le Verre de Vin, they offer their whole wine range for wine tasting in winter.

More and more wine estates are providing restaurant facilities for their visitors to extend their stay and appreciate their wines paired with food, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. In these instances wine preservation technology allows them to serve all their wines by the glass with both the restaurant and the tasting venue benefiting from the opportunity to have their opened bottles preserved.

Where wine estates provide banqueting facilities, opened bottles of wine that are traditionally lost, can be preserved and recycled through their restaurants by the Le Verre de Vin Classic Wine Wall Mounted Closeupglass with complete integrity. The profit on such recycled wine would be 100% as it has already been paid for.

It makes perfect business sense to invest in a Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system – you can only win as you turn your winter wine tasting into a really pleasurable experience – all the while increasing profits, in a time that is traditionally a time of slow business and for many a time of profit loss!

Contact us today for more information to see how Le Verre de Vin’s affordable preservation technology gives your establishment the opportunity of positively impacting your bottom line in current economic hard times!  Call us on 021 788 9788 or email us at