When we think of wine preservation, we tend to think in terms of technology and therefore, by default, assume that wine preservation is a “new ” invention.  And yes, the systems that we use now are new inventions, however the practise of preserving wine is centuries old.

Some very old bottles of wine have been found, indicating that wine preservation has been around for a long time. One such bottle, oldest-bottleknown as the world’s “oldest existing bottle of wine”, from a mid-4th century Roman stone sarcophagus, was unearthed in a vineyard near Speyer, Germany in 1867. It doesn’t look that appetising now, however it does show that preservation techniques  have been around since at least the 4th century. (see image on right) The preservation of the wine is attributed to the large amount of thick olive oil, added to the bottle to seal the wine off from air, along with a hot wax seal. As olive oil floats on wine, it’s able to form a barrier and protect the wine from oxidation and decay.

Through the ages preservation efforts are the most noticeable culinary difference between ancient and modern wine. Modern bottles help protect wine today, but exposure to oxygen quickly spoiled ancient wines. Vintners tried to preserve them with resin, which made the wines sticky and thick. Other additives included lead, lye-ash, marble dust, salt, pepper, and random assortments of herbs that were used to make wine remotely palatable with varying levels of success.

Fast forward to 2014 – the world of technology.  The world of Le Verre de Vin!! The time when you CAN preserve an opened bottle of wine and keep it fresh for 21 days after opening it, without any oxidation occurring. A process that is quick (a few seconds), that is reliable – you KNOW that every bottle will be preserved for 21 days. This system is the world leader in wine preservation technology.

Le Verre de Vin Classic Wine Wall Mounted CloseupWine begins to oxidise as soon as the cork is removed. By removing the oxygen to a precisely controlled level, Le Verre de Vin technology effectively preserves wine without any risk to its subtle structure. This 2-5 second process precisely controls the vacuum level ensuring no oxidisation takes place.

Precise control of the vacuum level is essential to ensure that the maximum period of preservation is achieved without any damage to the subtle structure of the wine. If insufficient air is removed from the bottle the wine will continue to oxidise, by removing just too much air the negative pressure will draw the delicate esters and phenols from the wine, detrimentally affecting the bouquet and ‘deadening’ the taste.

To successfully preserve opened bottles of sparkling wine and champagne, two key areas have to be addressed; loss of ‘sparkle’ and oxidation. Simply replacing the bottle’s original cork with a ‘clamp effect’ stopper will do little or nothing to slow bubble loss and the wine will continue to release its natural carbon dioxide (CO2) until a pressure equilibrium is achieved within the bottle (and oxidation begins). Preventing release of the naturally occurring CO2 is key to ensuring that the fizz stays locked in the wine and any issue of oxidation is eliminated.

Le Verre de Vin technology operates by introducing a precisely calibrated infusion of CO2 into a Champagne/sparkling wine bottle, thereby creating a pressure equilibrium and preventing any escape of CO2 from the wine itself. A valved stopper is placed in the bottle and clipped in place (replicating the ‘wire around the original cork); the stopper retains the CO2 under pressure within the bottle and ‘locks in’ the natural fizz.  The process ensures that bubble loss is prevented and maximum preservation is achieved.

Click on the image below and watch the video to see how easy it is to use –  right here!!    Youtube link

No more layers of olive oil, no more wax seals, no more uncertainty – just the knowledge that your bottle of wine is preserved, at the push of a button, in a matter of seconds, for 21 days!

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