Yesterday you met Al Homan, today meet:

Chelsea Wintle

  • Based in Durban covering the KwaZulu-Natal region

Should you get to meet Chelsea, here are some interesting things to know about her:

  1. Professionally, she is passionate about learning from others, creating mutually beneficial relationships, and making lasting impressions. She also enjoys the opportunity to make others lives easier and finding efficient ways of problem solving.
  2. Personally she is passionate about music, coffee, exercise, and meeting new and interesting people.
  3. If she joined you for happy hour, she would enjoy a Black Label draught
  4. On Sunday morning, you’d usually find her sleeping in!
  5. Chelsea wants people to remember her as confident, independent, intelligent and friendly
  6. Something most people don’t know about her is that she can’t keep secrets about herself
  7. Chelsea cares deeply about equality, education and economic upliftment.
  8. She is surprisingly good at singing.
  9. A funny thing that happened to her recently was that she slipped and poured a full draught of beer on her head.
  10. Her favourite thing to do in her spare time is to spend time with her friends
  11. The feels that the most interesting thing about her is her curly hair
  12. When she’s alone in her car she pretends she’s a famous pop-star on stage while she sings along to music
  13. Her favourite ‘90’s jam is No Scrubs – TLC
  14. As the new crayon on our crayon box, she views herself as the colour fluorescent pink because she likes to stand out and give off a bright and glowing aura.
  15. Her mother is her hero because she has overcome many of life’s obstacles with grace and poise. She is a strong and resilient woman, and a supportive wife and fantastic mother to three children.
  16. The “lesson from mom” that Chelsea still lives by today is: “Never wear pink and red together.”
  17. If Chelsea could spend a week anywhere in the world it would be on a beach of an island somewhere in the Med.
  18. In another life, she’s pretty sure she was a jazz singer in a speakeasy.
  19. If she could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve beach parties.
  20. When she was 5, she was pretty sure she’d be a socialite she grew up.
  21. Her favourite word in the English language is wine.
  22. If she were a superhero, her superpower would be being able to eat pizza without getting fat.

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