You have met Al Homan and Chelsea Wintle, now meet:

Sheldene Sander-Smit

  • Based in Centurion covering the Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West Province, Gauteng region.

Some interesting facts about Sheldene

  1. Sheldene’s passion around her profession is in seeing sales come in and her passion in her personal life is for her family and friends
  2. If you went out for a drink at happy hour with her, she would order and gin and pink tonic
  3. Sunday mornings will usually find her lazing around the house and then going for a late breakfast.
  4. Sheldene wants to be remembered for being successful and helping other people
  5. Something that Sheldene has never told anyone is that she would love to teach Sunday school
  6. Sheldene cares deeply about education, orphans and animals
  7. She is surprisingly good at graphic designs with limited software
  8. A funny thing happened to her recently – a boot’s hatch fell on the ridge of my nose (ouch!!)
  9. Her favourite thing to do in her free time is to catch up on her soapies.
  10. The most interesting thing about her is that she always puts her family first
  11. When she’s alone in her car, she’s thinking about how to get the next sale.
  12. Her favourite ’90s jam is Whitney Houston – I will always love you ( and loud )
  13. As a new addition to our crayon box, she sees herself as the colour blue – she loves any shade of blue
  14. Sheldene’s late Grandfather is her hero because he spent a lot of time in her youth helping her understand a car’s engine
  15. The “lesson from mom” that she still lives by today is manners and respecting the elders.
  16. If she could spend a week anywhere in the world it would be the Bushveld
  17. In another life she’s pretty sure that she was a bird because she loves flying and looking down
  18. If she could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve the wild life
  19. When she was five she was pretty sure that she’d grow up to be a vet because she loved animals so much
  20. My favourite word in the English language is holiday – we just don’t have enough of them
  21. If she were a superhero, her superpower would be to stop all bad things happening in society.

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