Twin Pod Bar Dual System“I believe in it, I’ve used it, I’ve made money with it” these are the words of Julian Cohen when he talks about Le Verre de Vin.  Julian has been involved in the Food and Beverage industry for many years and currently runs his own consultancy offering Management and Accountability Training to the F&B industry.

Julian was first introduced to Le Verre de Vin when he was working as the Ops Manager for the Thai Africa group.  It was introduced by Vinimark as a part of their programme to incentivise restaurants to offer their wines – by the glass.  Julian noticed an immediate increase in wine sales after the installation of Le Verre de Vin, as they were able to offer not just the house wine but could expand their selection of wine by the glass to include many wines from their menu – by the glass.  The increase in wine sales was substantial.  He then implemented the same concept when he moved to The Southern Sun Hotel group and grew their offering substantially at the Sandton Sun using the Le Verre de Vin podbars – an attractive way to store and preserve wine and champagne.

Julian’s take on the wine by the glass trend is that it is very much here to stay and it is definitely growing.  Everyone offers wine by the glass now and his take on being in a position to  offer a great experience is that you MUST have a good quality wine preservation system in place to do so.

Le Verre de Vin Classic Steel DualHis preferred wine preservation system is Le Verre de Vin based on:

  • The quality of the installation service
  • The quality of the Le Verre de Vin systems
  • The Le Verre de Vin systems look professional
  • Le Verre de Vin really works – and it preserves both wine and bubbly
  • The operating costs are minimal
  • It is highly functional, easy to use and has few if any issues

Julian also believes that it is imperative that if you are offering wine by the glass that you must offer premium wines as part of your offering.  He recommends that Le Verre de Vin is great way to support this offering because:

  • People often want to try a premium wine but they don’t want a whole bottle – by offering them it by the glass, they are able to savour and appreciate an excellent glass of wine and most probably not have gone to the expense of buying a whole bottle . The restaurant can then preserve that bottle of wine without it spoiling – It means that there is little to no wastage.
  • You will increase sales – he has found that by offering wine by the glass that 60% of their alcohol sales was wine, against 40% everything else, which goes against the perception that wine sales are insignificant in comparison to other liquor sales
  • The ROI is incredible – you would very easily increase wine and champagne sales by 10%, just by offering more wines by the glass, however if you are innovative and creative in creating an experience for customers, that you could very quickly increase wine sales by 100%.

Compact Dual Straight LightOn asking him how the wine by the glass can be offered as an experience Julian had the following to recommend:

  • People need and want to be educated about what to drink and what to eat – if you offer wine by the glass, then you can offer a taste of a wine to educate them about what is available. By offering them a tasting, you don’t need to waste any wine as you can preserve it.  Once people have tasted something they usually want it – this can, and will, drive sales. Julian has done this very successfully, where wines that were not well known were  offered in this way and suddenly something that had not been moving was moving very quickly.
  • People also need to be educated on the new wines that are out there and being able to offer a taste to people and then preserve it means that there is no wastage – again people will taste and then they want it – this is part of creating an incredible experience
  • Being able to educate and offer new tastes and experiences builds up your credibility, and this is how you can use Le Verre de Vin to build your establishment into a destination venue by offering a unique wine drinking experiences
  • It is critical that waiters are well-trained, so that they can really sell the wine by the glass, coming from a place of knowledge – benefits them too – the more they sell, the higher their tip
  • Having a Le Verre de Vin system allows you to offer a different wine with each course, so wine and food pairing is a profitable experience to offer as you can preserve the unused wines
  • It allows people to have just a glass at lunchtime, and the uptake on this has been enormous, even for those wanting just a glass of champagne – if you have a Le Verre de Vin system, you know what you can offer champagne by the glass because you KNOW that it will be perfectly preserved and the demand for champagne by the glass is growing significantly.
  • Champagne is no longer a drink used for celebrating special occasions – being able to have just a glass allows people to really enjoy it, even at lunchtime. Le Verre de Vin allows you to offer this, make a profit off it and eliminating wastage.

Le Verre de Vin Dual TowerWhat is Julian’s message to those of you who are in the business of offering wine by the glass:

  • You NEED Le Verre de Vin – it is by far the best wine and champagne preservation system available in South Africa
  • If you want to sell more wines, especially premium wines you need to allow people to taste wines – Le Verre de Vin helps you to SELL wine
  • If you want to SELL wines, then ensure that your waitering staff are well-trained
  • There are many ways to get this system and it does not end up being costly as the ROI is so high and quick. You can even rent a system at a very reasonable fee.  Wine distributors like Vinimark have a programme where they offer you a system if you sell their wines – Ernest Stanbury has many options available to make it viable for you.
  • Having Le Verre de Vin allows you to be innovative and creative in offering a different wine experience and when something new comes on the market, you have a tool to help you get it out there and being tasted, and with a focus in keeping increasing your sales
  • Having a Le Verre de Vin system is a HUGE opportunity for you – every venue that sells wine should have one for these systems and they could all upscale their wine by the glass offering and increase their profit even more.

Many thanks to Julian Cohen for taking the time to share his experiences, his ideas and his recommendations  on Le Verre de Vin with us.

If you would like to know more about Le Verre de Vin and how you can really reap the benefit of offering an extensive range of premium wine by the glass, then please contact us on 021 788 9788 or email us at and we will be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.